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PhenoVista Biosciences

41 Orders Completed
San Diego, California, US

Anthony Essex

Chief Scientific Officer

James Evans

Chief Executive Officer

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  • Positive review for Custom Cell-Based Assay Development:

    October 2016

    "Had a great experience with PhenoVista. They were rigorous, timely and collaborative in setting up and optimizing a HCA assay for us. They really went out of their way to make sure we discussed all the controls and conditions to ensure the experiment got run exactly the way we wanted it to. They have wealth of experience and expertise in HCA and they had very helpful suggestions. I would highly recommend them, and I will use them again myself."

  • AK

    Artem KutikovApril 2019

    We have worked with PhenoVista on a project that involved developing a new cell-based assay. They took initial feedback and our internal work and developed it into a standardized assay that allowed us to compare and discriminate across a range of test articles, working closely with us to setup the new assay and ensuring that project goals were met. They generated images that helped internally communicate the findings in a compelling way and quantification that helped make decisions. We are continuing to work with them to increase the complexity of the assays, and would recommend them for similar ‘non-traditional’ projects in the future.

  • BD

    Brian DwyerJanuary 2019

    We have been working with PhenoVista Biosciences for a special project. It has been a pleasure working with them from the first moment of contact to the end of the service provided. What really sticks out to us is the professional service quality that is coupled to with an excellent quality of scientific depth in what they do. When you partner with PhenoVista Biosciences you are partnering with fully engaged scientists. They were able to trouble shoot to improve results and engage us as they did so. This gave us confidence in their abilities and we were overly pleased with their ability do deliver at a high level, beyond our initial expectations. We recommend PhenoVista Biosciences with full confidence.

  • AO

    April DL O'ConnellDecember 2017

    I discovered PhenoVista Biosciences in a search for a lab that could high-throughput neuron toxicity screening assays with iCell Neurons. I am really happy with the throughput
    and results we received from them for our initial screen with the ICell Neurons and look forward to conducting more work with this lab. Really appreciate the one-on-one teleconferences and study design help that they offer. I recommend them to researchers needing an outsourcing option to run assays for in vitro neurotoxicity.

  • JL

    Jeffrey LindquistJuly 2017

    I discovered PhenoVista thru Science Exchange, when they responded with a quote for a project I posted. Boy am I glad they did! They were extremely knowledgeable and made several great suggestions for setting up the assay. They quickly grasped the scientific question we were asking and interacted as collaborators more than as a "CRO". The work was done on time and included all the controls and conditions required to make a clear decision. They had great images, masked perfectly for good analysis.
    I highly recommend them to anyone considering a study in their area. I will definitely use them again when possible.

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