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PhenoSwitch Bioscience - Expert services in mass spectrometry

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Sherbrooke, Quebec, CA

Jean-Philippe Couture, Ph.D.

Director Marketing/application scientist

Hugo Gagnon

Chief Operating Officer

Karine L'√Čriger

Admin. Assist.

Kevin Ly

Application specialist
  • "Received a detailed analysis which included additional detail about the samples. When I needed clarification on a particular point, the communication was prompt and exactly what I needed. Looking forward to working with PhenoSwitch Bioscience in the future."

  • Positive review for LC-MS/MS:

    January 2018

    "The PhenoSwitch folk were helpful and patient with a mass spectrometry novice, and got the job done quickly."

  • Positive review for Protein Sequencing:

    June 2017

    "The PhenoSwitch team was great to work with. They provided sample information quickly and answered any questions we had."

  • Positive review for Protein Sequencing:

    May 2017

    "Hugo and his team were very helpful and professional. They kept me updated about the progress of the project and went above and beyond with data analysis. I would definitely recommend their services and plan to work with them in the future."

  • Positive review for LC-MS/MS:

    January 2017

    "There was a fast turnaround and the customer service was great."

  • Positive review for LC-MS:

    December 2016

    "Working with PhenoSwitch Bioscience was fantastic. In particular, Hugo was excellent. He delivered on his promise to do the analysis quickly accurately and at a fair and reasonable price. Based on his work and expert analysis, I now know that the compound in question was nothing much more than a doped up herbal solution - where the person selling this as a safe, all natural, plant based decongestant is actually adding the synthetic molecule oxymetazoline to an herbal mixture, quadrupling the price and selling it to people - making money scamming them. I would highly recommend working with Hugo and PhenoSwitch Bioscience - they are true professionals. Dr. Nicholas Gadler"

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