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Phalanx Biotech Group

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San Diego, California, US

Lorraine Provencio

NGS Sales/Tech Support Specialist

Tiffany Wang

Technical Support/Business Analyst

Mireille Wear

US Sales Manager

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Phalanx Biotech Group has not received any reviews.

  • RS

    Robin StephensJanuary 2014

    Phalanx Biotech has run two sets of microarrays for us. They were extremely helpful all the way through the process. They helped us to troubleshoot our RNA purification from sorted cells, and ended up doing the purification for us, walking us through the quality assurance, and even sent us back leftover RNA for our validation. The results came back quickly with some preliminary analysis, and working with Michael Desalvo since then whenever we have questions about our home-made further analysis has been like having a guest in the lab with expertise in this challenging process!! The data looks very reliable and we are getting leads from our work much faster than if we had gone a more independent route. It's been an excellent decision for us to rely on Phalanx and an enjoyable and productive experience working with Michael Desalvo.

  • XL

    Xh LiangAugust 2013

    I have been working with Phalanx Biotech Group for several microarray analysis, and I enjoyed their fast and high quality service.

  • DP

    Dave PoulsenAugust 2013

    I'm very happy with the array data we received from OneArray. There was a very quick turn around. We ran three biological replicates and each sample was run in triplicate. The replicates were extremely tight. They were extraordinarily helpful in the assessment and analysis of the data.

  • XH

    Xiaoxiao HuAugust 2013

    PhalanxBio is offering fast and reliable service. I got my microarray data after 2 wks and they are of great value.Thanks alot.

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