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OnRamp Bioinformatics

19 Orders Completed
San Diego, California, US

Jeremy Davis-Turak

VP of BioInformatics

Jean Lozach

Chief Technology Officer

Roshni Patel

Staff BioInformatician

Angel Stanz

VP of Software Engineering and User Experience

Timothy Wesselman

President & CEO

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  • Positive review for ChIP-Seq Data Analysis:

    April 2018

    "The OnRamp Bioinformatics team was a pleasure to work with. They did an extremely thorough analysis of the ChIP-Seq data I provided. I will definitely return to them again for any future bioinformatics analysis as well as strongly recommend their services to anyone. They were very receptive and thorough with answering all of my questions and also did not waste any time getting the project completed. Highly recommended!"

  • Positive review for MicroRNA (miRNA) Expression Profiling:

    June 2017

    "It was pleasure working with OnRamp Bioinformatics. We were provided with good quality microRNA profiling data for an affordable price. OnRamp Bioinformatics provided one-on-one support to explain the specifics of our data. Thank you so much for your work! We look forward to working with you in the future!"

  • Positive review for RNA-Seq Data Analysis:

    April 2017

    "I and my colleagues worked with OnRamp Bioinformatics for Gene Expression analysis. This service was great and very prompt and the cost was reasonable. We would definitely recommend this service."

  • GH

    Gary HardimanFebruary 2017

    "I've had the opportunity to work closely with the Onramp team for the last two years. Together we have completed hundreds of analyses. Their software solutions and team have been instrumental to advancing our research at MUSC. Jeremy and Roshni on the bioinformatics team are great. They've been responsive and insightful - and even seem like an extension of our team at times!"

  • RE

    Rob EdwardsFebruary 2017

    I highly recommend OnRamp for their Bioinformatics expertise. I have worked with them on several genomics and metagenomics projects and the team is professional, completes the work on deadline and budget, and generated results we hadn't expected.

    OnRamp will work with you every step of the way, from project inception, through interfacing with sequencing partners, through developing novel informatics solutions for your project.

    OnRamps bioinformatics platform has many unique attributes that make it appealing, but their data and analysis tracking is just amazing: provenance for all your analyses from the minute the sequences arrive.

  • DC

    David CarpentieriFebruary 2017

    OnRamp Bioinformatics offers a great window of opportunity for the future of personalized medicine. Tim is an individual devoted to his work and he will do anything at his reach to help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend his team for anyone who has an interest in integrating molecular data into research and clinical practice.

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