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About OCR

Oncovet Clinical Research (O.C.R.) is an innovative Contract Research Organization specialized in the conception and management of clinical trials on Dogs & Cats models with naturally occurring pathologies for efficacy assessment of drug candidates for Human Health.

O.C.R. innovative offer is at the forefront of ethics of research involving animals since Dogs & Cats included in clinical trials benefit from new therapies developed for Human.

O.C.R. main therapeutic fields are Oncology, Inflammation, Cardiology & Neurology.

O.C.R. proposes to support Pharma & Biotech in furthering their drug development programs (in preclinical & clinical phases) by getting key additional scientific information in high level predictive models of human diseases (Dogs & Cats).

O.C.R. specificity is to combine recognized experts in veterinary medicine, a multicenter recruitment network, a state of the art technical platform (histopathology lab. & advanced imaging devices) and high quality standards, applied to drug development for Human Health.

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Comparative Pharmacology

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Classical in vivo models have obvious translational limitations. Natural diseases in dogs and cats share numerous features with human diseases.

Why using dogs and cats models? To establish a continuum between species in terms of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and toxicology in order to reach clinical trials in humans with more reliability.


Veterinary Clinical Trials

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OCR is specialized in the desing and the monitoring of Pilot & Pivotal Clinical Studies of Dogs/Cats suffering from Cancer or others Chronic Diseases.
OCR acts as a full-Vet Contract Research Organization with know-how on every step of the clinical development of a product for Pets Market (Design, Monitoring, Regulatory, Datamanagement), along with a European Network of Clinical Investigational Centers (FR, BEL, GER, NL, NOR, SWE, IT, POR, SPA, SLO, POL).


Ex Vivo Models and Assays

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In-vitro/Ex-vivo assessment of drug candidates on cancerous dogs tissues (cell lines, primary cells, organoids, cryopreserved canine tumors)


Irradiation Services

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OCR provides to our Biotech-Pharma-Academic clients a unique platform of experimental Irradiation (high and low energy) for a large spectrum of experimental animal (Pigs, Sheep, Rabbits, Mice and Rats), combined with imaging facilities (CT-scan, Scintigraphy).

  • Possibility of one day or long protocols with housing on-site for pig, mice and rats, rabbits
  • cell line radiation possibility
  • Assessment of drug candidates in association with radiotherapy protocols (combination strategies, improvement of RT protocols, decrease RT side effects)
  • Assessment of radioherapy protocols (hypofractionated, …)
  • Team of specialized veterinarians. (Radiation oncology specialist, Imaging specialists, Oncologists, Internal Medicine specialists, Pathologists, Surgeons, Cardiologist, …)


Regulatory Affairs Consulting

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Regulatory consulting in the Vet space (Pets)
Regulatory advice to support product development strategy targeting dogs and cats (drug, medical device, diagnostic test, nutraceuticals, care product)

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