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About Niche Science and Technology Ltd.

Niche Science & Technology Ltd has provided a comprehensive clinical research service to a growing number of pharmaceutical clients since its inception in 1998. Specialising in medical writing and clinical project management, we are experts at ensuring our clients successfully progress their assets through all phases of clinical development.

Over the last 15 years Niche Science & Technology has grown through the addition of people who derive real pleasure and satisfaction from providing support to our clients. We have been rewarded for these efforts with the opportunity to work with outstanding scientists, academics and industry professionals dedicated to delivering cutting-edge science.

The Niche team consists of specialists in regulatory writing, scientific communications and clinical project management. Our focus is your satisfaction through the delivery of the right product on time and on budget. Our highly experienced industry professionals are available to address any of your acute resource or 'know-how' challenges. An understanding of our clients' strategic and business objectives ensures that we deliver what you need and not just what you want.

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Grant Writing

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Niche can offer complete support in preparing project proposals for funding. Optimise your time and improve your chances of success with our proposal writing package. Engaging Niche will allow you to focus your resources on the project concept, leaving the task of preparing a sound funding proposal to our experienced team. Our operations team can build realistically costed contributions for your submission. When the time comes our team will also be able to support project delivery in terms of clinical project management function, quality oversight, administrative tasks such as periodical and technical reporting.

With extensive experience in developing and delivering publications plans, Niche can serve as your dissemination partner in your next submission. An tailored dissemination plan, aimed at ensuring early adoption of research and facilitation informed changes to clinical practice, are becoming an essential work package in all national and international submissions.

As an SME partner, Niche not only can broaden your opportunities, it can provide a fully budgeted dissemination plan at the time of submission, provide editorial support for documentation review and coordinate submission compilation. As a project partner, Niche will be working full-time to maximise the profile of your project through a branding package for newsletters and websites as well as scene-setting and finding dissemination through scientific manuscripts and information channel exploitation, all delivered as part of a managed strategic communications plan.

Our services can be tailored to fit your needs, from the type of organisation you are to the level of support you require. Whether you are new to grant funding and need to identify what funds may be available to you, you need specific support in a grant application or you need support in managing you, we have a service level to suit your needs.


Illustration, Video, and Graphic Design Services

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Niche can provide a most forms of artwork, from line and full colour illustration to template design, charts, graphs and tables for use in presentations and a range of other communication vehicles.

We use traditional and digital techniques to create medical illustrations that have appeared in:

  • Medical textbooks
  • Professional journals, posters and promotional materials
  • Instructional videotapes and animations
  • Slide decks and web-based media
  • Computer-assisted learning programs
  • General magazines and newsletters

Telling a story is essential to any presentation and our team integrates technical artistic ability with a comprehensive understanding of medicine and science. We produce scientifically accurate content that when combined with attractive and informative design serves to provide effective clarity in communication.


Educational Services

Price on request

We can create innovative training programmes for the effective education of your target audience: customers, representatives, scientists or patients. Our distance learning materials are varied and easy to use, providing a cost-effective and convenient way to train and brief members of your team.

We combine your data resources, study reports, clinical submission documents and information from the scientific literature along with the latest opinions from the clinic to form the building blocks for training documents and learning materials.

Niche provides well-prepared and eye-catching materials for a variety of media and has covered many congresses and symposia.

Training packages that integrate a product’s profile with current opinion can form a core resource for use in any educational material. Robust new media materials communicate messages and information in an engaging way, enhancing the learning experience. All this can be achieved in line with ABPI and other guidelines.

Irrespective of the messaging media or document type, or whether your intended target audience consists of medical professionals, patients or pharmaceutical industry employees, Niche will ensure that your materials are clear, comprehensible, and promote information exchange.


Clinical Trial Management

Price on request

We are committed to the success of each client’s clinical objectives. Our clinical project managers will ensure that your project meets study timelines and is conducted to rigorous standards.

We can provide a tailored service to support pre-clinical and clinical researchers bringing compounds to trials in humans, by facilitating trial set-up, providing assistance in preparing sites for clinical trials and ensuring that regulatory and ethical requirements are met.

We can fill gaps in expertise or resources in the form of a full service package from concept to final study report, or by providing individual services as and when they are needed.

  • Assessment of potential sites
  • Coordination and preparation of ethics and regulatory documents and their submission
  • Protocol writing and review
  • Development of patient information and consent forms
  • Preparation of study reference manuals
  • Preparation of standard operating procedures for the conduct of trials
  • Organisation of CRF development and data management services
  • Coordination of clinical trial medication supplies and labelling
  • Organisation of laboratory sample analysis
  • Clinical governance of ongoing studies
  • Site management
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Creation and management of trial master and site files
  • Archiving at both the sponsor and investigator sites
  • Organisation of investigator meetings


Marketing, Communication & Graphic Design Services

Price on request

Profiling within the scientific literature provides a major contribution to the successful launch of a product. It also provides the reference source for monographs, advertising, sales force documents and other promotional material before and after launch. Experience in the medical sector allows us to incorporate your messages and target your chosen audience through publication planning and journal selection delivered in line with the most recent guidelines.*

Our medical communication services include:

  • Product positioning and key message workshops
  • Publication planning
  • Message vehicles, including detail aids, leave pieces and newsletters
  • Product monographs, sales training materials and educational packages
  • Preparation of primary and secondary manuscripts, supplements and proceedings
  • Clinical trial summaries
  • Case studies
  • Abstracts and posters, conference reporting and delegate materials
  • Therapy area intelligence and competitor reports

We believe that successful communication has its foundations in accuracy, integrity and simplicity. We are dedicated to maximising the impact of the clinical and scientific information we present, while keeping sight of the specific requirements of our clients.

*Good Publication Practice 2


Regulatory Writing

Price on request

Preparation of the documentation required at each stage of clinical development represents a significant burden on clinical teams. Delay or failure to complete all the necessary key documents can have a significant impact on project timelines.

Give your development programmes a competitive edge by using our medical writing and clinical study management teams. They can integrate seamlessly with your clinical groups to facilitate information retrieval and rapidly incorporate it into clinical study documents.

Frequently requested documents include:

  • Concept / study protocols
  • Patient information sheets and consent forms
  • Clinical study reference manuals
  • Investigator brochures
  • Clinical trial applications
  • Clinical study reports
  • Common technical documents

Our in-house editor works closely with the medical writing team to ensure that your documents meet the highest editorial standards. They can also be engaged on an ad-hoc basis as part of your internal approval process.


Clinical Trials, Consulting, and Management

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Clinical Research

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Editorial and Writing Services

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Project Management

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