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About Newcells Biotech

Newcells Biotech develops in vitro cell-based assays for drug and chemical discovery and development. We use our expertise in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), cellular physiology and organoid technology to build models that incorporate the “best biology” for predicting in vivo behaviour of new drugs and actives. The company provides safety, ADMET and disease modelling services and products. 

Newcells Biotech has developed and launched assays for measuring drug kidney transport and nephrotoxicity. Our experts have developed and launched assays to measure transporter function, safety and efficacy in a range of cell and tissue types, including kidney and retina. We have the capability to develop and implement protocols to measure drug transport in the kidney, nephrotoxicity, retinal toxicity and disease modelling across human and a range of preclinical species.

Assays using iPSC technology include a 3D model of the human retina and models of the liver sinusoid and the lung epithelium.

Our Services (3)


Stem Cell Reprogramming

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We have the network and infrastructure to ethically source customer required samples, across a wide range of cell types from healthy and disease-affected individuals, and produce quality controlled hiPSC lines ready for use in customers’ projects.


Cell-Based Assays

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Using primary or hiPSC based platforms, we provide and are creating 24- to 96-well format cell based assays for customers to use in-house as well as a complementary service to design and conduct study protocols on behalf of customers’ teams.


Assay Development

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Our assay development teams collaborate to produce validated assays for disease modelling efficacy and safety studies for academic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical customers.

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