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About NeuroInitiative LLC

NeuroInitiative has a computer simulation software that allows scientists to observe and manipulate molecular interaction that occur inside virtual neurons. This empowers researchers to perform in silico experiments before going into the laboratory. Building on the billions of dollars of published scientific knowledge, NeuroInitiative brings this data to life with biologically accurate simulations, rich 3D visualizations, and the ability to interact directly with the molecules in the system. The focus and immediate impact of this software is that researchers can unravel therapeutic targets and shorten research timelines.

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Computational Modeling

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Computer simulation of biochemical pathways using our SEED simulation platform. With pre-built models of nigrostriatal dopamine neurons and several Parkinson's disease related pathways this system can help provide mechanistic support to your hypotheses and guide your research strategy. Our neuroscience and computational team can further assist with research design, project execution, and data analysis.

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