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NanoBiotec, LLC

35 Orders Completed
Hanover, New Jersey, US

L. Harris

Ph.D. Executive Director, Discovery Biology & Translational Development

Everett Henry

Ph.D. Scientist, Immunology & Cytometry

Agnes Lonczak

BSc, M. Sc., Scientist, Cell Molecular Biology

Frank Pan

Ph.D., M.D. Executive Director, Cellular & Molecular Immuno-Oncology

Weiqing Wong

Ph.D. Executive Director, Proteomics and Immuoassays

Wanying Zhang

B.Sc. M.Sc, Scientist, Pharmacology
  • Positive review for Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS):

    May 2019

    "I was very happy with Nanobiotec for my FACS project. They were very responsive and adaptable to what turned out to be a more challenging project than I had originally anticipated, with quick response times to emails and clearly written reports on ongoing progress."

  • Positive review for Flow Cytometry:

    May 2016

    "Nanobiotec did a great job helping me plan and execute my flow cytometry experiment. Communication was great throughout the entire project and they were very helpful adjusting the data to meet my needs. The cost of my experiment was reasonable and I was completely satisfied with the quality of the data and their ability to meet my timeline for the project."

  • Positive review for Luminex Multiplex Assays:

    December 2015

    "The scientist representative of Nanobiotec was very helpful in our determination of the specific assays that we needed. Also, there was consideration of our small-lab, academic status and consequent adjustments to the costs of the study, which we very much appreciated."

  • Positive review for ADCC and CDC Assays:

    November 2015

    "Shawn is very knowledgeable, and knows what exactly he likes to do. He gives very clear instructions and advice on his project. We are very happy to have opportunities to support his drug discovery effort."

  • Positive review for Western Blot:

    March 2015

    "NANOBIOTEC was very responsive and did an excellent job on the western blots!"

  • ZW

    Zhiyong WangFebruary 2019

    NanoBiotec has supported us for several projects, using their automatic Western blot analyses (simple Western), Luminex-based assay and flow cytometric assay platforms. All projects were successfully completed in an efficient and timely manner. The data summary/report were very well and accurately written. Their pricing were also very reasonable. We are quite happy with their quality of work and would definitely recommend this company to all investigators as a valuable partner.

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