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About Mouse Genotype

Mouse Genotype was founded in 2006 by Ivan Delgado Orlic with the sole purpose of providing affordable, fast, and high quality mouse genotyping services. As a post-doc at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Delgado spent a significant amount of time genotyping mice, in part because there was no affordable alternative to running his own genotyping reactions. Mouse Genotype provides such an alternative.

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Genotyping by PCR

Price on request

We provide a complete mouse genotyping service, from DNA extraction to a comprehensive genotyping report, for as low as $5.50 per sample.


If more than one PCR is needed to obtain a genotype an additional charge of $2.00 per sample will be assessed. For example if a mouse line requires two PCRs to obtain a genotype the total cost would be $7.50 per sample. 


Here is a breakdown of our service:


1. No Setup Fees. You provide us with the sequence of your primers, or we design an assay for you, and we validate the PCR assay at no cost to you.

2. DNA Extraction. Every sample you submit is first identified to coincide with the order form you submitted. Then DNA is extracted from every sample.

3. PCR Amplification. A small amount of DNA from every sample is used for PCR analysis. A semi-automated process is used to eliminate pipetting errors.

4. Gel Electrophoresis. Once the PCR reactions are finished, all samples are analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis.

5. Gel Documentation. Agarose gels are imaged using a gel documentation system. All electronic images are stored in our database indefinitely.

6. Genotyping Analysis. Once the agarose gels have been imaged, the genotypes are determined based on the pattern(s) of the bands present.

7. Free Re-runs. If a genotype cannot be determined with 100% certainty, we will re-run it free of charge. If a sample cannot be genotyped, you will be given the choice of submitting a new sample to be genotyped free of charge.

8. Genotyping Report. All genotypes, including gel documentation data, will be submitted to the client in the form of a genotyping report.



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