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About Motilent

Changing the way we see the gut.

Motilent is focused on developing image analysis technologies to improve our understanding of the digestive tract in health and disease.

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Image Analysis

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Please get in touch if you have any questions about medical imaging of the gastrointestinal tract. Motilent is not a CRO but provides a range of services and technology to assist with small, medium and large projects that feature medical imaging of the GI tract. Examples include:

  • Quantitative assessment and grading of inflammatory activity in Crohn's Disease & use of novel markers e.g. intestinal motility.
  • Structural & functional assessment of the GI tract in conditions like constipation and gastroparesis.
  • Pre-clinical image analysis especially with a view to cross-over into humans.
  • General study support including image QC and study setup, advising on protocols and sequence development.

Motilent is an agile team focused on delivering exceptional quality within our area. Motilent holds ISO:13485 2016 certification and compliant with data protection legislation across territories. We are highly collaborative and work with some Europe & North America‚Äôs leading academic research groups. 

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