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MIA Cellavie Inc

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Judith Lacoste


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  • SC

    Simone ChevalierMarch 2014

    With MIA Cellavie we always know what is the status of the microscope. We know their people are reliable and meticulous. When there is a problem, it's taken care of, follow ups are made and they keep working until the system is at its best.

  • IK

    Irah KingFebruary 2014

    18 months ago, I asked MIA Cellavie to take charge of our departmental confocal microscopy system. Since that time, their attention to detail, responsiveness and depth and breadth of knowledge has significantly improved the overall "health" of the system. I also asked MIA Cellavie to train current and new users of the system. As a result, our users have a much better understanding of the system's capabilities for quantitative fluorescence microscopy. Most importantly, this training has improved our ability to keep our system in good condition and enhance the quality of our research. I have also found MIA Cellavie to be very useful as a consulting service in order to enhance our microscopy facility with cutting-edge, yet cost effective instrument upgrades. I would recommend the services of MIA Cellavie to anyone using imaging in their research, from beginner to the most seasoned microscopist.

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