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About MBF Labs

MBF Labs is a contract research organization specializing in stereology services and neuron reconstruction. We utilize the innovative Stereo Investigator and Neurolucida software produced by MBF Bioscience to provide you with unbiased, reliable analysis using stereology and neuron reconstruction.

Our staff scientists are skilled at all aspects of data collection and management. We are adept at projects ranging from small exploratory pilot studies to large, complex projects. MBF Labs uses the most advanced systems available to collect and analyze your data. Our skillful technicians are experienced and efficient. When you outsource your stereology analyses to MBF Labs, you get reliable results quickly. No other contract research organization offers the breadth of service, high competency and level professionalism that MBF Labs provides.

An additional benefit in allowing us to collect the data for your study is the elimination of the necessity for you to invest in costly specialized equipment, personnel and facilities. We will apply our experience as the recognized leaders in neuroscience quantification to help you effectively attain your research goals.

MBF Labs will be there to guide you every step of the way from designing the study, collecting the data, evaluating the results and providing a formal written report of the analyses. In the final report you will not only get the results from the data collection, you will also receive an interpretation of the results along with statistical analyses.

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Whole Slide Imaging/Digital Slide Scanning

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All you need to do is provide us with your slides and in return you will receive a high resolution and seamless virtual image montage.

This is done at MBF Labs by using the Virtual Tissue module of Stereo Investigator. This program creates montages composed of hundreds, even thousands of individual images obtained from multiple microscope fields of view at the desired resolution. The resolution of the individual fields is maintained in the montage, allowing for the capacity to zoom in and out without loss of resolution. Our advanced technology accurately merges all individual images into a single image montage. There is an automatic correction that removes shading error so that the images are captured with even illumination. The final image montage provides context obtained from a large field of view combined with the detail and resolution acquired from high magnification.

At MBF Labs, these image montages can be created using Zeiss Apotome microscope system or brightfield using magnifications ranging from 2x to 100x.

The images are returned to you in a high-resolution digital format that can be used for printing, archiving, pathology and remote diagnosis. These images are scalable and can be shared or networked utilizing our Biolucida Cloud application.

These images can also be used for data collection.

If the images are captured as a sequence of z axis positions (representing the thickness of the tissue), they can be loaded into the Stereo Investigator software to perform stereology.

If the image contains an object for reconstruction, then Neurolucida can be utilized and the morphology of the object can be determined.


Cell Morphometry

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Complete morphometric analysis requires precise representation and feature extraction of the object of interest. At MBF Labs, we use Neurolucida to reconstruct objects as large as whole organs or as small as dendritic spines. We can perform numerous analyses, including Sholl and polar histograms. We can provide you with Neurolucida neuron reconstructions, 2d and 3d images, and a full services of morphometric analyses.

MBF Labs has expert scientists who can provide you with expert consultation and analysis of objects of interest. Neurolucida, the most advanced neuron tracing software, is used to perform these reconstructions. The morphology of many objects can be analyzed using this technology. When evaluating neurons, this program enables accurate tracing of the dendritic trees, axonal arborization, and the soma. This reconstruction technology can also be expanded to other areas of interest, including representation of an injury from the image data of an MRI.

Neuron Reconstruction Services

MBF Labs can perform detailed morphometric analysis of neurons. This technique will create a visual representation of how individual or multiple neurons are positioned in three dimensional space.

Data from reconstructed neurons contained in single or serial sections include:

  • 3-D measurements of bifurcating and trifurcating branching processes
  • Dendritic spine distribution and density
  • Synaptic bouton distribution and density
  • Branch complexity
  • Volumes of branches and somas
  • Surface area
  • Cytoarchetectonic organization
  • Morphometric analyses

A 3-D visualization can be created from the reconstruction and provided as an .xml file appropriate for use in presentations, documents, digital reproductions and supplementary materials.



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We offer comprehensive stereology services for your outsourcing needs in a global marketplace.

MBF Labs performs stereology services for pharmaceutical, biomedical, and basic research institutions. Our expert stereologists are available for assistance in every step of the experimental procedure – from designing protocols according to the strictest stereological principles, to full analysis services and interpretation of experimental data.

Once the protocols are in place our expert stereologists will:

  • Collect the data
  • Interpret the results in compliance with the most rigorous scientific standards
  • Prepare a final report documenting the statistical and analytical results, including biological implications
  • Full scientific documentation of laboratory, analytical and procedural details will be included.

These types of stereology services are designed for pharmaceutical companies, universities, clinical researchers and any research laboratory seeking expertise in stereological analysis or analysis requiring costly instrumentation not possessed in-house. MBF Labs can perform comprehensive stereological analysis for full-scale research studies. Additionally, pilot and feasibility studies are available.


Clinical and Anatomic Pathology

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Imaging & Spectroscopy

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Clinical Laboratory Services

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Clinical Research

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