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Los Angeles, California, US

About LieuLabs

Your Research Accelerator!

LieuLabs provides project management & consulting solutions for biotech discovery, pre-clinical and non-medical bioscience.

We specialize in helping early-stage biotech entrepreneurs move out of the lab and into business for themselves - as fast and as effectively as possible. If you have an idea, or an early proof of concept, we will help you craft and put gether a plan that you can confidently pitch to angels, VCs, or other investors for your biotech startup.
Our goal is to move your business idea from concept to fundable!

We also provide career development services to enable young scientists to stand out from the crowd and accelerate their professional growth.

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Business Development Consulting

Starting at $4,000.00 per unit

Your Own Startup Accelerator!

LieuLabs offers individually-tailored business development consulting to early-stage bioscience startups, to get you from Concept to Reality as fast and cost-effectively as possible.

Consulting services will cover all steps of company development through to successful seed funding of the enterprise. LieuLabs will conduct independent analysis and provide reports to company executives on major aspects of business development including, but not limited to: IP review and competitive landscape; company legal and business structure; formation of executive team and advisory board(s); development of business plan; in-licensing needs and strategy; development of funding pitch; investor identification and approach; capitalization strategy. We provide input through both written reports and regular meetings with the startup's executive leadership.

LieuLabs reports and consulting advice are given on an advisory-only basis, based on our best understanding of the market, competitive landscape, and individual business goals. All executive decisions will remain the sole responsibility of your company - and we won't take any equity stake in your business (unless you really want us to!). We work at the client’s pace, providing timely analysis and reports in conjunction with the client’s progress in developing their business.

LieuLabs specializes in advising early-stage biotech companies using a flexible service cost model, allowing our clients a variety of options to utilize our services as best fits their individual needs.

Project timelines: 3 months - 1 year+
Lead Time: < 1 month
Price: from $4,000 / 3months
(1 hour initial consultation FREE!)


CV and Resume Editing

Starting at $70.00 per unit

LieuLabs provides professional training and career development services to students at the College/Grad School level, as well as Postdocs.

Our individually-tailored services include: CV/Resume Development; Speaking and Writing Skills for Careers in Science; and Job Application and Networking Essentials.

Turnaround time: <3 business days

$70 - $250

Sample requirements: We need a current copy of your CV/Resume as a starting point for your individualized consultation.

Deliverables: 60 - 90 minute Skype / G+ / in-person(Los Angeles only) live counseling session on your resume & job application plans

Electronic delivery of an application-ready personalized, formatted resume in .doc and .pdf formats


Editorial and Writing Services

Price on request
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Project Management

Price on request
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Marketing, Communication & Graphic Design Services

Price on request
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  • MP

    Martha PastuszkaApril 2014

    I highly recommend LieuLab's resume/CV consulting services for job-seekers at any stage of their academic/ industrial career. LieuLabs guided me, step-by-step, through the process of turning an academic CV into a competitive resume.
    LieuLabs helped me prepare a strong cover letter/ resume package for job applications outside academia. I know that the feedback I got and improvements made to my cover letter/ resume helped me land my first job outside the ivory tower. Thanks LieuLabs!

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