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Bicester, GB

About LaboSpace

Size: 1-10 employees

500 sqm facility fully equipped with the most advanced technologies available: Luminex/Multiplex platform, NGS capability and Sequencing, FACS, IHC platform.
Hubs in the most vibrant area Milano, San Diego and Oxford, of the Life Science community.
Our services are highly profiled to meet the need of a wide range of Biomedical Science areas and are addressed to Pharma - Bio-Tech - Academy – Hospitals.
Accredited and Granted in 2011 from the Italian Authority of the status of Diagnostic laboratory Labospace has started to generate data and reporting to over 50.000 samples under ISO - LDT - IVD standards.
Our commitment to quality is underlined by our ISO 9001:2015 registration, together with our participation in independent External Quality Assessment protocols. In order to be able to continuosly improve our services we run standard quality assessment with every customer after the conclusion of the assigned work. We monthly perform internal quality audits and we are always pleasant to welcome any quality check or inspection. In May 2011 LaboSpace was granted by the Local Government of the accreditation as Diagnostic laboratory nr. 1110 issued by Regione Lombardia.

Certifications & Qualifications

ISO 9001

Our Services (10)


Multiplex Immunoassays

Price on request

Service optimized to detect Antibodies to Infectious Mouse Pathogens using Multiplex Microbead Immunoassay performed on serum samples delivery 19 specific mouse infectious agents.

MPV - LCMV - CMV - E. cuniculi - MNV - CAR bacillus – MAV – EDIM - GD7 – MYCO – MHV – MVM – PVM - REO3 – SENDAI – ECTEROMELIA – HANTA - Anti-mouse IgG - BSA

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Microbiome Sequencing

Starting at $80.00 per sample

Rapid and accurate identification of bacterial species in samples is a critical need for clinical microbiology and molecular biology.
Our service delivery a rapid and accurate identification of bacterial species in samples, this is a critical need for the entire research comunity where the need to analyze the Microbioma has become a daily question.

Thanks to to the advent of NGS LaboSpace service team has tremendously simplified and increased the sequencing depth for 16S rRNA gene sequencing, by amplifying and sequencing seven hypervariable regions (V2, V3, V4, V6, V7,V8 and V9).

We are equipped with the Ion Torrent™ Personal Genome Machine System (PGM), one of the most used and standardized platform for metagenomics analysis of different microbiota, and we are at the forefront of offering microbiome testing to researchers through the latest and most reliable technologies with a data deliver time that is less than 3 weeks time.

The data template report we delivery is customized upon the need of the specific research need, the base is supported by the BAM file generated and the preliminary analisys made by trought the ION Reporter.

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Antibody Validation

Starting at $150.00 per image

LaboSpace scientists have extensive pathology experience, placing them in a
prime position to be able to provide arobust and comprehensive antibody
validation service to Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Diagnostic and Research
clients. LaboSpace scientists also have considerableexperience and understanding
of antibody performance from a diagnostic, research and commercial perspective.

In addition, the team of scientists at LaboSpace have developed a proprietary
immunohistology (IHC) staining protocol, that allows rapid and effective IHC
testing of a single antibody.



Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Starting at $5.00 per sample per analyte

ELISA Assay Service
Biomarker Immunoassays service on a single parameter is offer by LaboSpace as an high efficient tools for measuring the levels proteins in a single assay under the ISO regulatory SOPS internally generated. Our service is available on all the commercial kits available as well as into ab pais format and on Direct Elisa methodology.

Our expert team are also available into Elisa optimization sharing our spike&recovery protocols when sample validation is needed.

LaboSpace has also available innovative platforms that delivery assays are much faster than a traditional ELISA using automated microfluidics to generate:



Luminex Multiplex Assays

Starting at $2.00 per sample per analyte

We offer different solutions to meet every reasearcher’s need; we perform multiparameter assays using various technologies like Luminex, Meso Scale, ELISA, ELLA, Flow Cytometry in order to offer to broader spectrum possible and delivery the proper solution to any research project.
Luminex Biomarker Immunoassays service offered by Labospace is certified by internally generated ISO regulatory SOPS. Our services are available on every commercial kit as well as to any customized assay. The required sample volumes start from 15- 50uL and allow researchers to collect more data in less time than other assays.

Labospace team will care about your samples, our service team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals who will work with you throughout the stages of your project to help ensure delivery of high-quality data and results.

We organize the full logistics aspect from providing you the dry ice up to select the best shipping way ending with schedule and book the couriers pick up.

Selection starts with our standard human panels, Multi-Combo Screening 65 analytes, Multi-XL Screening 45 analytes, Multi-Th1 Th2 Screening 11 analytes arriving to our custom made panels created within a selection of 390 analytes.

Results in 10 working days from the samples receipt.

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Flow Cytometry

Starting at $200.00 per sample

LaboSpace scientists understand the need to tailor flow
cytometry antibody validation to suit the client’s specific
requirements. Therefore, we offer a fully flexible service for
flow cytometric antibody validation.

  • Multi-colour flow cytometry staining and analysis
  • Staining up to 4 colours is available
  • Protocols for staining cell surface/cytoplasmic and
    intranuclear targets
  • Full analysis of antibody performance data
    including dot plots and histograms for publication


Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Starting at $25.00 per slide

IHC Pre-Validated Antibody Test (PVA™) SERVICE

We have developed and validated a wide range of automated IHC protocols called PVA™ service.
The service menu includes: H&E testing and 10 slides min per single marker priced $25/slide

Human and Mouse lists are available on request, see below for some example markers we have available:

F4/80 (macrophages)
Ly-6G (granulocytes)
CD3 (T lymphocytes)
CD45 (Leukocyte marker)
B220 (B lymphocytes)
Foxp3 (regulatory T lymphocytes)
CD138 (Plasma Cell Components)
Kappa & Lambda chain (Plasma Cell Components)
B220 (B lymphocytes)
CD31 (blood endocthelial cells)
LYVE1-podoplanin (lymphatic endothelial cells)
KI67-CDC47 (proliferation index)
CASPASE 3 (apoptosis)

IHC Single Antibody Validation (SAV™) Service

LaboSpace and its qualified team of experts have created a novel protocol model that allows rapid and effective IHC testing on a single antibody.

Our SAV™ model allow the researchers to obtain a qualified results saving time and money on the antibodies they had no a direct experience.
Price on request

IHC Industrial Antibody Validation (IAT™) Service

LaboSpace and its qualified team of experts has created a novel model that improves the reactivity of IHC antibody testing results and is able to deliver a tailor made solution to our Customers.

Our service provides final result staining conditions and ready to publish images suitable for use as a sales tool by our clients.

A general protocol is also provided with back up support from our technicians.
Price on request



Cell Lines

Starting at $250.00 per cell line

Labospace offer, for your human cell cultures activities, a service for a proper characterization of your coltured cell.
Cell line authentication is achieved by genetic profiling using polymorphic short tandem repeat (STR) loci. STR loci consist of repetitive sequence elements 3–7 base pairs in length. These highly discriminative markers can be utilized using a rapid multiplex-PCR based method for the identification and detection of contaminating human cells.


Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

Starting at $25.00 per hour

We analyze flow cytometry FCS data from any cytometers, including Becton Dickinson, Beckman Coulter and Miltenyi Biotech, providing gating based on FMOs and suggested controls. We also check compensation controls, providing reliable data for report and publications. Including in our service, we analyze also mass cytometry data from CyTOF/Helios. FCS 2.0 & 3.0 will be analyzed using last FlowJo 10.4. A CDA, service agreement and dedicated Statement Of Work (SoW) will be signed before contract signing.


Ion Torrent Sequencing

Ion Torrent Next Generation Sequencing
Price on request
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