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Eugene, OR, US

About InVivo Biosystems

Founded: 2009 Type: Privately Held Size: 51-200 employees

InVivo Biosystems offers CRISPR genome-edited animal models including zebrafish and C. elegans, and in vivo analytical services for early-stage disease studies and drug discovery which enables in vivo insights into human biology. At InVivo Biosystems, our mission is to help our clients develop and deliver solutions that improve the quality and effectiveness of their research.  Our scientists work one-on-one with our clients throughout the process to ensure success.  We place a high priority on timely communication and the most efficient solutions to your problems.

We are an officially licensed CRISPR solutions provider.

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Genetic Variant Analysis

Price on request

Conduct pathogenicity assessment of variants in disease related genes.

Our standard process includes:

  • Feasibility study of gene(s) for animal modeling. Create and phenotype loss of function knockout mutant lines. Rescue loss of function with expression o human proteins.
  • Model known benign and known pathogenic variants. Create and phenotype 5 benign variants and 6 pathogenic variants. Determine the predictive ability of the assay based on the known variants.
  • Recommendation of classification of variants based on phenotype(s). Create and phenotype variants of unknown significance and predict pathogenicity.


Functional Genomic Screening

Price on request
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Zebrafish Genome Editing

Starting at $995.00 per unit

We are a zebrafish CRO that offers multiple gene-editing services using CRISPR and Tol2 methods. Our services can significantly reduce your experiment design time and can be tailored to different experimental requirements. We offer a variety of service packages including fast, affordable Injection Mix to the comprehensive Full Build service to accommodate your level of expertise and budget.

    Injection Mix    Knock-in SDM    Knock-in Tagging     Floxed Gene    Tol2 Transgenesis

    • CRISPR Injection Mix: Looking for an easy way to bring CRISPR gene editing into your lab? Choose the level of service that suits you or your lab the best, ranging from standard ready-to-inject mixes to full evaluation of sgRNA cutting and locus editing efficiency. Learn more >>
    • Knockout using CRISPR/Cas9: commonly used to understand gene function. We can delete integral domains or the entire the coding sequence of a gene in zebrafish, depending on gene size. We have generated lesions ranging from small indels to full gene deletions. Learn more >>
    • Knock-in SDM using CRISPR/Cas9: Create genetic models using zebrafish for understanding gene function, basic biology, and more precisely modeling human diseases. Learn more >>
    • Knock-in Tagging using CRISPR/Cas9: Tag your favorite gene at the native locus in your zebrafish line via CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology. Choose from a large selection of fluorescent proteins and epitope tags. Learn more >>
    • Floxed Gene using CRISPR/Cas9: This can be very useful when studying embryonic lethal genes or for understanding how your gene of interest functions in different tissues. We can create a floxed allele for tissue- or temporal- specific deletion of your gene of interest. Learn more>>
    • Tol2 Transgenesis: Insert large content in the zebrafish genome using the Tol2 transposon-based system to analyze tissue-specific gene expression, control the timing of gene expression and humanize the zebrafish. Learn more >>

    Zebrafish Zebrafish larvae


    Transgenic C. elegans Development

    Starting at $325.00 per unit

    Choose from a variety of services packages to fit the needs and budget of your lab. Mutation via CRISPR Gene Editing, Tagging via CRISPR Gene Editing, Expression, Expression Validation, and Inject Express.  Choices range from the fast, affordable Custom Injection Mix to the comprehensive Full Build service package, allowing you to customize the components you need to accomplish your gene editing goals.

    Visit InVivo Biosystem's C elegans Transgenics to learn more about the pricing and process. - Design, construct, and deliver custom reagents or genetically edited C. elegans optimized to your specifications. - Collaborate on project design to ensure transparency in the genome editing process and guarantee that you receive the transgenic best suited for your experiments. - Choices of genome editing methods are CRISPR, MosSCI and Extrachromosomal Array.


    Animal Models of Disease

    Price on request
    Request a quote for more information about this service.


    Animal Model in vivo Analyses

    Price on request
    Request a quote for more information about this service.

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