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Juggling Genomes

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About Juggling Genomes

Every NGS experiment has unique goals and challenges. One-size-fits-all software and core services are often not helpful when it comes to innovative experiments. At the same time, specialized analysis, and even initial data processing may not readily achieved by experimental biologists. Juggling Genomes aims to provide a bridge from experiment to analysis and can effectively do so because of our holistic approach - we consider and understand the experiment from beginning to end.

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Genomics Consulting

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We provide customized support for optimization and analysis of NGS experiments. Our expertise is in RNA sequencing methods such as RNA-seq, small RNA-seq, ribosome profiling (Ribo-seq), and various specialized transcript-sequencing methods. With a deep knowledge and experience with the molecular biology experimental techniques and sequencing methods to data processing and computation, we can offer holistic advice and analyses so you can get the most out of your data.

Experimental: Consulting on protocol optimization, library preparation methods, and troubleshooting.


Data Analysis

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Analyses highly depend on the type of dataset and goals of experiment but may include normalization, gene expression level, metagene-, codon- or nucleotide-level analyses, correlating read density with a specific feature, etc.

We can also prepare publication-quality figures to showcase your results and conclusions.


Data Services

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Data processing 

Data processing steps include trimming and mapping reads, removing PCR duplicates if applicable, read profile visualization, and quality control. This step can provide valuable information about experimental successes and challenges. 

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Mary Couvillion

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