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Madison, Wisconsin, US

About InvivoSciences, Inc.

Since its founding in 2001, InvivoSciences, Inc. (IVS) has been developing and supplying a novel 3D cell culture technology and integrated assay platform that enables cost-effective and reproducible production of personalized human micro tissue models and assays using them.

InvivoSciences offers customers exceptional versatility in addressing specific project requirements with our custom 3D cell culture based assay development and services capabilities. IVS is committed to customer service and technical support. We strive to meet the needs of all our customers.

While our primary target markets have been pharmaceutical developers and regulators, the secondary target markets include developers of consumer products such as consumer chemicals, cosmetics, and agriculture products. Our breakthroughs in automation and miniaturization technologies to fabricate and assay Mu-Tissue™ and to efficiently analyze a large amount of data will support improving the productivity of pharmaceutical screening, cardiac safety assessment, and lead optimization.

Selected Publications

  • “A Method for Quantifying Mechanical Properties of Tissue following Viral Infection”, V. Lam, T. Bigley, SS. Terhune, T. Wakatsuki. PLoS ONE (2012); 7(8): e42197. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0042197
  • “Hydrogel Tissue Construct-Based High-Content Compound Screening”, V. Lam, T. Wakatsuki. Journal of Biomolecular Screening (2011); 16(1):120-8
  • “High-Throughput Measurements of Hydrogel Tissue Construct Mechanics”, J. P. Marquez, W. Legant, V. Lam, A. Cayemberg, E. Elson, T. Wakatsuki. Tissue Engineering: Part C (2009); 15(2):181-190
  • “Engineered Heart Tissue: High Throughput Platform for Dissection of Complex Diseases”, J. Lazar, H.J. Jacob, T. Wakatsuki. Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research. (2008); 1(3):232-235
  • “Tissue Engineering: A New Frontier in Physiological Genomics”, M. C. Petersen, J. Lazar, H. J. Jacob, and T. Wakatsuki, Phys Genomics (2007); 32 28-32.
  • “Engineered tissue models: Innovative tools for early stage, information-dense, high-throughput screening for drug discovery” T. Wakatsuki, K. W. Lieder, and A. Annac, American Biotechnology Laboratory (2006); 24(11) 10-12.
  • “Reconstitution of Frank-Starling Mechanism in Engineered Cardiac Tissues”, , C. F.. Asnes, J. P. Marquez, E. L. Elson, and T. Wakatsuki Biophysical Journal (2006);91(5):1800-10.
  • “The Heart’s Biochemical Response to Hypertension and Exercise” T. Wakatsuki, J. Schlessinger, and E. L. Elson, Trends in Biochemical Sciences (2004); 29(11): 609-17.
  • “Phenotypic Screening for Pharmaceuticals using Tissue Constructs”, T. Wakatsuki, J. A. Fee, and E. L. Elson, Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (2004); 5: 181-189.
  • “Rho-kinase-mediated Calcium-independent Contraction in Rat Embryo Fibroblasts.” D. A. Emmert, J. A Fee, Z. M. Goeckeler, T. Wakatsuki, E. L. Elson, P. Herring, P. J. Gallagher, and R. B. Wysolmerski, American Journal of Physiology – Cell Physiology (2004); 286: C8-21.

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Cell-Based Compound Screening

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Screening Assay Service with Hamamatsu FDSS/cell


Excitation-Contraction Coupling Analysis

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Excitation-Contraction Coupling Analysis: 2D CMs


Drug Discovery & Development

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Drug Discovery & Development Services


Drug Discovery

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Drug Discovery Services


Hit Identification

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Hit Identification Services

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