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About InterVivo Solutions Inc.

At InterVivo Solutions, our aim is to improve the clinical success of new drugs by providing translational models and transformative research services. We achieve this goal by providing:

Clinically relevant animal models of disease and drug disposition in multiple species
Access to state-of-the-art tools and techniques
Expertise in adding value to pre-clinical drug assets and drug discovery programs


Clinical success is directly related to extrapolating pre-clinical efficacy into clinical endpoints. A key approach to reducing attrition of clinical candidates due to issues with efficacy is to employ predictive pre-clinical measures, models and designs. InterVivo provides predictive animal models and endpoints that increase the chances of successfully transitioning new drugs from animal to man. Our approach is to design and deliver efficacy, pharmacokinetics and safety studies, using spontaneous disease models and clinically relevant study designs. Combined with the efficiency afforded by our scale and scientific expertise, the result is a return of the highest value for our sponsors and their research programs.


We're committed to conducting research aimed at building the value of your assets and transforming NCEs into viable clinical candidates. This transformative approach to drug discovery involves conducting research in multiple species and encouraging the evaluation of clinically relevant endpoints across multiple domains. We employ multiple signals of efficacy and safety, as well as integration of pharmacokinetics data earlier in the discovery process, to help build PK-PD relationships that guide candidate selection and optimize development strategies. Through this transformative approach, we aim to improve the likelihood of clinical success for new drugs.

Recent Publications

  • Borghys, H., Van Broeck, B., Dhuyvetter, D., Jacobs, T., de Waepenaert, K., Erkens, T., Brooks, M., Thevarkunnel, S., Araujo, J.A. (2017) Young to middle-aged with high amyloid-b levels in cerebrospinal fluid are impaired on learning in standard cognition tests. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. 56(2):763-774.
  • Landsberg, G.M., Beck, A., Lopez, A., Deniaud, M., Araujo, J.A., Milgram, N.W. (2015) Dog-appeasing phermone collars reduce sound-induced fear and anxiety in Beagle dogs: A placebo-controlled study. 177(10):260 Epub 2015 Aug 26.
  • Zanghi, B.M., Araujo, J., Milgram, N.M. (2015) Cognitive domains in the dog: Independence of working memory from object learning, selective attention and motor learning. Animal Cognition. 18(3):789-800.
  • Durk MR, Fan J, Sun H, Yang Y, Pang H, Pang KS, de Lannoy IA. Vitamin D Receptor Activation Induces P-Glycoprotein and Increases Brain Efflux of Quinidine: An Intracerebral Microdialysis Study in Conscious Rats. Pharm Res. 2014 Oct 16.
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  • Aimone LD1, de Lannoy IA. Overview of pharmacokinetics. Curr Protoc Pharmacol. 2014 Sep 2;66:7.1.1-7.1.31.

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Bioanalytical Assays

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InterVivo's experienced bioanalytical team supports all In Vivo studies - from efficacy and POC through to early safety - with rapid and reliable analytical method development and sample analysis.

Services include:

  • Rapid LC-MS/MS method development in biological matrices for early-screening as well as lead optimization studies
  • Method transfer, validation, and optimization in various biological matrices
  • Cassette method development and qualification for analysis of co-administered drugs
  • Flexible, sponsor customizable qualification criteria to match internal or third-party standards
  • Metabolite Profiling and Identity Confirmation
  • Various standard and custom biomarker assays available


Safety Pharmacology

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We offer a multi-species capability for early safety assessment, with primary focus on CNS function. Exploratory drug safety studies function to identify potential safety concerns about an NCE prior to formal transition into the development phase. Although these studies are not formally conducted to GLP, they are conducted and reported to a level compatible with regulatory requirements for IND (or equivalent) submission. This service provides the following advantages.

  • Firstly, to discover risks of an NCE at the earliest stage to enable informed financial and technical resource decisions. Front-loading safety studies into the discovery phase is recognized as a valuable practice within the Pharma/Biotech community today (Lindgren et al, 2008).
  • The data can be used to help define dose regimens for subsequent GLP toxicology studies.
  • The results help establish side effect profiles of an NCE, that can be compared with competitor compound to facilitate product differentiation.

We offer multiple options in rodents, many of which can be extended to the Beagle dog, providing a seamless transition of safety testing to a higher species.


In vivo PK/PD Studies

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Pharmacokinetics (PK) studies provide the basis for interpreting the dose-related efficacy, safety and toxicological effects of a New Chemical Entity. InterVivo's advanced surgical techniques and depth of PK expertise provides a unique combination of quality, reliability and value for sponsors throughout the drug development process.

Through the PK-Bridge program, InterVivo supports early screening paradigms designed to identify and select NCEs with favourable PK properties. In addition, by customizing study designs, using advanced dosing and sampling techniques, and combining PK with efficacy and safety endpoints, InterVivo helps further characterize leads to aid the transition to successful clinical trials.


Imaging & Spectroscopy

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Imaging is becoming an increasingly important component in the development of new therapeutics. It provides a non invasive method of obtaining quantitative data in longitudinal studies, allowing assessment of the effects of interventions, the progression of disease with time and a route for interventions. We are able to offer a comprehensive imaging service including image acquisition [MRI -1.5, 3,7, 9.4 T for rodents, cats and dogs at all listed field strengths) CT (4,64 slices and µCT) PET and µPET, SPECT, Ultrasound, Plain and contrast radiographs and DEXA], image processing, and image interpretation. Custom image acquisition protocols and custom image processing routines can be developed. Our imaging services are coordinated by a veterinary radiologist with medical physicist support. In addition to providing a comprehensive imaging service we can also provide animal housing and other related services, providing a total research development and execution facility.

Brain Imaging

The brain can be imaged in a variety of different ways, the choice of imaging modality depending on the research question being answered. Imaging modalities that can be utilized include MRI, CT, PET and SPECT. A variety of different quantitative measures can be provided including volumetric and functional data.

*Body Imaging *

Whole body or organ specific protocols are used in a variety of different disease models and naturally occurring disease states. These include cancer imaging using MRI, PET or SPECT and ultrasound, assessment of the effects of therapeutics and feeding behavior using DEXA for body composition measurements and MRI for quantifying fat depot volumes and musculoskeletal imaging. Specific organ measurements can involve virtually any imaging modality, depending on the research question posed.

Interventional Imaging

Interventional imaging provides minimally invasive methods of collecting tissue or depositing cells in virtually any organ system. We have extensive experience in interventional procedures with all imaging modalities.

Image Processing

Image processing involves computer based computational methods to extract quantitative data from images. These range from simple volumetric analyses to more complex analyses based on tissue segmentation.


In vivo Drug Efficacy Testing

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InterVivo Solutions offers a capability for assessment of NCEs in efficacy tests of:

  • Pain and Epilepsy
  • Cognition
  • Obesity and Addiction
  • Parkinson's Disease

For cognition, InterVivo provides the opportunity to identify both efficacy and safety assessment for the cognitive disorder of interest. Some of these cognitive tests have direct human equivalents offering translation approaches to studying cognitive- and disease-modifying NCEs. For pain and epilepsy, several drug classes prevent both experimentally-induced seizures and reduce pain in animal models which translate into the clinic. Measurement of drug effects across both model types enables a broadening of therapeutic indications, and increased knowledge about biological property.

In the area of Obesity and Addiction, InterVivo has access to genetic models such as the Zucker fa/fa rat and can offer multiple levels of analysis including non-invasive techniques such as QMR to support longitudinal studies. For Parkinson's Disease, InterVivo offers both the MPTP and rotenone models in the rodent.


Pharmacology & Toxicology

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Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
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