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Intelligent Linking

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About Intelligent Linking

Business to Customer or Consumer relationships have transformed in recent years due to the uptake and impact of digital technologies and the emergence of social media and customer led platforms, where the voice of customer/consumer is the dominant infleuncer of customer decision making. In many sectors this has already resulted in vast changes and the emergence of new, disruptive business models, often tech enabled, that transform the way that successful businesses work in that sector. That transition is just beginning to impact Life Sciences and FMCG sectors today, with significant challenges ahead for both the traditional market leaders and new entrant competitors. 

Intelligent Linking is a specialist business consultancy that works with clients to understand the changing demands of a customer led economy and define, design and implement new ways of thinking and ways of working that results in improved customer experiences leading to customer advocacy, customer loyalty and customer growth. We support clients from initial vision through to full implementation of new business designs, taking into account:

  • Development of / use of customer information and intelligence
  • Market, customer and consumer research
  • Redesign working systems and practices (Customer Centred Business Operating Models)
  • Changing behaviour and mindset for 'customer centred' organisations
  • Customer centred marketing and communciations strategies

Our Services (4)


Business Development Consulting

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We act as coach and mentor to advise you when tackling challenges of customer value, satisfaction, loyalty and growth.

We help you by providing a sounding board to consider options, review or challenge decisions and signpost different ways to improve customer value.

We have expertise, relationships and experience of working on customer focused solutions across a wide range of sectors and geographies, with particular emphasis on business to business and professional services sectors.

We continually invest in, and develop, new tools or ways of thinking and ways of working that underpin our advisory services.


Customer Journey Mapping

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Change your organisations mindset and relationship with customers and consumers through workshops and seminars that challenge your status quo and open up new ways to think about customers and consumers of your business's products and services.

One day workshops 
Team Awaydays
Seminar Series
Bespoke events that are customized to meet your needs.


Customer Experience Management

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Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the overaching transformation of an organisation to become a customer centred business.

Our CEM services take a fresh approach to:

  • Customer Journey Mapping - the journey from the customers' perspective
  • Customer Universe Management - understanding the information, people and stories that influence your customer decision making. How to engage with your customers' universe
  • Organisational Design / Development - change the way you think and work with customers

These services can be delivered as part of an internal change team or in a bespoke structured change programme.

Customer Led


Feasibility Studies

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How are your customer relationships today? What do customers and consumers say about you, your organisation and your products and services? What actions could you take to change that relationship and what customer and business benefits could result?

These are focused, rapid, snapshot studies that build on our understanding of customer relationships to understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats today, and what potential is there / what impact could result from improving your customer relationships.

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