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Integrated Fluidics

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About Integrated Fluidics

Integrated Fluidics Inc., a spin-out from the University of California, Santa Barbara, is developing an electro-kinetic bioassay platform that dramatically improves the performance and cost of time-critical life science research and diagnostic tests. Assay sensitivity can be improved up to 100x, reaction kinetics can be accelerated up to 15x and reagent consumption can be reduced up to 25x - without changes to existing workflow. The result is faster turnaround times, significantly reduced overall cost per test and enhanced laboratory productivity.

The first commercial embodiment of the company’s platform will be a re-invention of the ubiquitous plastic micro-titer plate – the first major innovation in micro-titer plate technology in decades. Integrated Fluidics incorporates electrode arrays into the base of conventional plastic micro-titer plates, thereby enabling molecular manipulation within each well through precise control of electro-kinetic effects and convective and electro-thermal flows.

The ability to control molecular motion and accelerate reaction kinetics in ultra-low fluid volumes by overcoming the time limits imposed by diffusion represents an enormous step forward for both research and diagnostics.

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Electrokinetic Microplate Bioassay Platform

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​Integrated Fluidics’ new assay platform represents a true breakthrough in micro-plate assay performance. Electrodes incorporated into the base of the microplate enable the delivery of electrical impulses of specific amplitude and frequency. Precise control of the resulting hydro-dynamic forces within each well of the micro-plate enables molecular mixing, separation and concentration at the <5 microliter-scale.

What has, until now, been a passive, plastic reaction vessel is transformed into an active, user-controlled reaction management system.

A Smart Microtiter Plate

  • Conventional Bottomless Plastic Micro-plate (96, 356, 1536 or 3486 Well)
    ​- Printed Circuit Board - Copper with Gold Immersion
    ​- The “iPlate”, a Single-Use, Electro-kinetically-Enabled Disposable Micro-plate



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