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About Instrumat AG

Instrumat AG is a company whose purpose is to serve as an interface between suppliers and users in the area of high technology instruments on the Swiss market. Instrumat AG is close to its partners, speaks their language and understands their demands and objectives.

Instrumat AG is committed to quality, and the satisfaction of our clients is our main goal. We thus do our very best to answer the present and future needs of our clients. In order to achieve this goal, we work closely with our suppliers and all our partners are equally committed to our Quality plan.

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To evaluate the potential of a measuring method or of an instrument, it is almost always necessary to try them. Our experience reveals that to choose the right measuring method, only measurements done on materials as they are produced or used are of real significance.

Our laboratory is equipped with the main instruments produced by our suppliers. If your application requires an accessory or an instrument not available at Instrumat, we can get it for you so that you can make the necessary testing. Sometimes we send the samples to our suppliers who will take the measurements for you.


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François Maystre

CEO | Sales Manager

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