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About InDanio Bioscience Inc.

InDanio Bioscience Inc., is a privately-held in vivo drug discovery company dedicated to developing New Chemical Entities (NCEs) targeting the pharmaceutically-important Nuclear Receptor (NR) protein families.

Our proprietary, Ligand Trap system, each singularly expressing one human Nuclear Receptor, allows simultaneous assessment of drug delivery, stability, specificity, tissue-selectivity and toxicity.

Selective, highest-value target lines are being used to identify and characterize new hormonal regulators, as well as to identify new tissue-selective drugs,  and mechanisms of action for each Nuclear Receptor.

InDanio's genetically engineered Zebrafish lines provide a "highest human homology" in vivo HTS model, where not only are the binding and potency of lead compounds immediately identified, but target and tissue specificity, as well as vital organ accumulation, can for the first time, also be immediately realized.


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In vivo Medical Cannabis Testing

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  • Test toxicity of cannabinoids on zebrafish larvae.
  • Test effects of cannabinoids on neuro-behavioural disorders in zebrafish larvae.
  • Test for agonist activity of cannabinoid and endocannabinoid drugs on nuclear receptors (PPAR).


Nuclear Receptor Profiling

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In vivo nuclear receptor activity screening

Use InDanio's proprietary transgenic zebrafish:

  • To identify NCE binding potency and selectivity
  • To study agonist – antagonist activation
  • To pursue a re-positioning strategy for existing drugs as NR ligands
  • Identification of NR/cofactor responses
  • Tissue and receptor-specific responses



Circadian Profiling Animal Models

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Chronobiological Screening: Identify ROR nuclear receptor selective circadian rhythm compounds in transgenic zebrafish

We developed a proprietary, patent-protected screening assay to identify drugs for disrupted circadian rhythm (DCR)-related diseases. The assays relate, in part, on the discovery that the activity of a constitutive active clock protein is surprisingly impaired under DCR to the normal rhythm.

Many neuronal diseases, such as depression, ASD, jet lag or seasonal disorders have altered rhythms, with impaired clock gene function.

Our assays are different from established assays because protein activity is measured at the same expression and assay conditions under normal and disrupted circadian rhythm. Initial screens identified drugs that work either under normal or disrupted rhythm.

  • identify selective normal circadian rhythm (DCR) compounds in a live vertebrate animal for ROR family nuclear receptors.
  • identify selective disrupted circadian rhythm (DCR) compounds in a live vertebrate animal for ROR family nuclear receptors.



Zebrafish Models

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InDanio Bioscience Inc. (InDanio) is a Canadian biotechnology company with the only in vivo vertebrate (zebrafish) screening Ligand Trap (LT) platform technology focused on the development of nuclear receptor and epigenetic-targeted medicines.

Conventional platforms use in vitro/cell-based assays that provide limited and often misleading results. Performing drug screening in a sensitive and accurate live, vertebrate model reveals drugs with tissue and disease-specific activities, and variable agonist and antagonist activities. The use of whole animal physiology versus a single cell line from a single tissue also provides other crucial information, such as specific ADMET and both on- and off-target properties which lend to increased predictability of efficacy and toxicity.

No other screening technology comes close to the functionality and predictive power of InDanio’s in vivo NR and epigenetics cofactor screening platform.

InDanio's transgenic fluorescent nuclear receptor and co-factor lines are although available for licencing and allow drug discovery for metabolic and neuronal diseasses.


Drug Development

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A growing body of evidence highlights the relation between health, lifestyle, sleep and circadian rhythm in the development of human diseases.
The development of drugs without adverse effects is an important solution for improving human life. Novel drug discovery methods targeting the cells circadian rhythm in a specific disease background are needed and have the potential to improve the treatment for many major diseases.
InDanio possesses a proprietary zebrafish assay system which allows drug discovery missed in conventional assays.



In vivo Toxicity Testing

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We offer reliable acute toxicity screens for:

  • lethality

  • deviations from normality

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Jens Tiefenbach

Chief Scientific Officer

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