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IMCA-CAT (Industrial Macromolecular Crystallography Association – Collaborative Access Team) accelerates drug discovery through synchrotron-based structural biology research.

IMCA-CAT has been serving the structural biology needs of the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years.

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Small Angle X-ray Scattering

Price on request
BioSAXS (for IMCA members)

IMCA-CAT accelerates pharmaceutical structure-based drug design by providing structural information from synchrotron-based biophysical techniques.

Biological SAXS (BioSAXS) is a powerful tool that provides structural information from proteins in solution:

  • molecular weight
  • molecular shape
  • multi-domain shape (quaternary structure)
  • conformational changes upon ligand binding
  • formation of complex molecular machines from assembly of multiple molecules
  • oligomerization behaviors in different buffers
  • assembly and folding of proteins
  • intermolecular interactions
  • flexibility or rigidity of fragments or entire molecules


Candidates for study include:

  • protein + ligand
  • multi-domain proteins
  • molecular complexes
  • proteins with flexible regions or loops
  • intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs)


All experiments are conducted with size-exclusion chromatogarphy (SEC) immediately prior to the SAXS data acquisition (SEC-SAXS).


Available upon request are:

  • SAXS in combination with multi-angle light scattering (MALS) and dynamic light scattering (DLS) to better characterize biological macromolecules (SEC-MALS-DLS-SAXS)
  • time-resolved SAXS


Requests should include:

  • preferred methods:
  • standard  (SEC-SAXS)
  • time-resolved
  • number of samples for each selected method

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Synchrotron Data Collection

Price on request
Mail-In Synchrotron X-Ray Crystallography Data Collection (for IMCA members)


IMCA-CAT accelerates pharmaceutical structure-based drug design by conducting proprietary macromolecular crystallography experiments year-round, without interruption, at a growing portfolio of synchrotron beamlines.  Exclusive for IMCA member companies, this mail-in data collection service is available weekly when the Advanced Photon Source is down for maintenance.


The scope of work includes quality X-ray diffraction data collection and processing, conducted by the structural biology team at IMCA-CAT.  With extensive in-depth experience, utmost integrity, and optimal efficiency, the IMCA-CAT team annually collects and processes proprietary data from over 22,000 samples in support of pharmaceutical drug discovery.  The professional team at IMCA-CAT is highly productive and ensures the highest standards for data quality, fast turnaround times, and comprehensive security for confidentiality and protection of proprietary data.


Requests should include:

  • preferred synchrotrons
  • weeks for data collection
  • number of samples per synchrotron for each week

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Lisa J. Keefe

Director of IMCA-CAT, Vice President for Advancing Therapeutics

Edward Snell

President and CEO

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