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  • Positive review for Histology and Pathology Services:

    December 2018

    "They were efficient in providing a quote and made sample submission straightforward. They were very helpful in answering questions. The work was done quickly and efficiently. Would definitely use this service again."

  • Positive review for Clinical and Anatomic Pathology:

    June 2018

    "Quick turnaround time from submitting samples to getting the results. Have been able to arrange courier pickups easily."

  • Positive review for Infectious Microbe PCR Amplification Test:

    August 2017

    "Excellent, fast service!"

  • Positive review for Biomarker Analysis:

    March 2017

    "Biomarker analysis was provided by Kristi Garner and the team at IDEXX is excellent. Kristi is very responsive and knowledgeable in a great number of biomarker analysis."

  • Positive review for Cell Line Authentication:

    March 2016

    "I was unaware that IDEXX rat and mouse cell line authentication service utilizes proprietary STR markers. Although the service provided a comparison to rat and mouse strains that was very useful for identification of the strain of origen for cell lines, the analysis does not serve the purpose of establishing a reproducible STR marker profile that others can use to verify that they are using the same cell line in the future. (However, in the future the same IDEXX service could potentially provide this information.) Because our purpose was to provide reproducible STR marker profiles for publication, IDEXX kindly agreed to repeat one of the analyses with a set of published STR markers, and did so in a timely fashion. Thus, in the end I was very happy with the service provided."

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