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About Hurel Corporation

HµREL® develops and sells advanced micro-liver tissue constructs of primary hepatocytes co-cultured with nonparenchymal stromal cells, in a variety of species and formats. With a focus on lab practicality and convenience, HµREL delivers its products ready for use with no preparatory tissue culture and includes all necessary media with each shipment.

Utilizing these robust micro-liver models, HµREL® has developed and patented a novel method to measure biliary efflux and contents in the bile from a single well. This new transporter method is called HµRELflux™ HµRELflux™ is available as a complete ready to use kit or research service.

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Hepatic Co-Cultures

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HµREL®’s patent-pending, cell-based hepatic models are comprised of primary (i.e., actual) cryopreserved hepatocytes cultured together with cells of a non-parenchymal, stromal type. HµREL® developed this co-culture model in collaboration with the Center for Engineering in Medicine at The Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston (“CEM”). In prior decades CEM had invented a variety of earlier cell-based hepatic models, several of which remain in use today, including hepatocyte cultures that rely on the collagen gel overlay (“double gel”) method, and micropatterned hepatic co-cultures. While its predecessor were originally developed for use in academic research, the HµREL® cell-based models are the first that CEM deliberately engineered for use in industrial science, and that consequently are characterized by their manufacturability, industrial ruggedness,

convenience of use, and replicability, as well as by their high,

stable, and enduring responsiveness across numerous parameters of cellular function.

HµREL®’s high, stable and enduring cellular competency, which has been demonstrated to persist for weeks rather than for the hours or days typical of the most commonly utilized primary cell-based models, enables experimentation in domains not previously susceptible to in vitro methods, such as studies of clearance rates of slow-clearing compounds; studies of the time-based dynamics of primary, secondary, and tertiary metabolite generation; and repeat-dosing studies to probe for sub-acute or chronic toxicities; among others.



Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
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HµREL® performs safety- and DMPK-directed screening and mechanistic studies on a contract research services basis. 

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