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About Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP

Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP is a customer centric company offering one-stop solutions across various service lines and functions including Software, Engineering and Business Processes. We leverage knowledge acquisition, skilled resources and technological innovation to offer deep domain expertise with end to end capabilities in select industry segments.

Our consistent efforts at building long-term relationships with our clients backed by our commitment to delivering on-time and qualitative services have been pivotal to hitech’s consistent growth above market standards. In fact, 80 percent of our revenues are generated from repeat business.

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Rapid Prototyping

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We enable clients to visualize their conceptualized product designs through additive manufacturing and comprehensively evaluate the product prior to actual manufacturing.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

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Allowing manufacturers to visualize product behavior, predict failure possibilities and implement key design changes, we provide simulation driven product design solutions to drive down development cost and reduce time-to-market.

At hitech, we collaborate with design engineers to evaluate product design right from early design stages and minimize prototyping trials. Our FEA specialists provide key insights on the product behavior and constraints that lead to possible pre-mature failure. Additionally, we deliver design optimization solutions for existing products and help reduce resource utilization while keeping product designs efficient.

Services Offerings

  • Static & Dynamic Structural Analysis
  • Coupled Field Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis

Our expertise in FE based simulations has provided us the opportunity to develop potential clients from Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Heavy Engineering domains. We have been a strategic partner for major T1 and OEM part manufacturers as well as industry leading engineering organizations across the globe.

We have served as crucial engineering consulting company through a team of qualified FEA specialists, mechanical engineers, CAD professionals and industry experts. Additionally, we use industry leading software technologies and high performance workstations to handle complex engineering projects and large volumes of data with least turnaround time.


Electronic Engineering Services

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We provide high quality electrical system design & engineering capability, project management and construction familiarity for any project to sustain in this ever-increasing competitive environment. The electrical design market has transformed radically within the last decade and we are seeing lots of buildings being built with the electrical design process.

hitech offers electrical design and 2D electrical drafting services in a cost-effective manner. Our electrical designers ensure delivery of effective lighting system design services, electrical control system design services, and electrical conduit design services for residential & commercial buildings. We also efficiently cater to electrical site plan design services and low voltage system design services related to fire protection systems & electronics systems design services and audio visual system designs along with relevant interior design changes.

Which electrical design service are you looking for?

2D/3D Schematic Drafting Services

Services comprise of electrical single line diagrams (riser diagrams), electrical site plans, and also electrical schematic drawings.

Lighting System Design

Encompasses lighting load estimation, egress lighting estimation services, switchgear sizing services, fixture selection and placement in apartment areas, proper lighting fixture identification, and lighting distribution panels designing services, feeder numbers analysis for lighting panels along with light fixture layout design services.

Electrical & Electronics Control Design

Covers house control systems, electrical schematic diagram, and electrical circuit diagram.

Building Electrical Design

Caters into electrical site plan design services and low voltage system design services related to fire protection systems & electronics systems design services linked to audio visual system designs along with relevant interior design changes.

hitech is dedicated towards offering our clients with the best engineering advice. Irrespective of the electrical projects that you are working on such as rewires or fire alarm replacements or working as a part of a wider integrated multidisciplinary design team on new build or refurbishment projects, our teams of electrical design engineers have the experience in delivering the best quality design solutions in a cost effective manner that meets your requirements.


Mechanical Prototyping

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Exploiting product design opportunities and reducing lead time through digital approach for designing, testing and validation, we provide product development solutions to manufacturers and engineering firms across the globe.

At hitech, we seamlessly integrate design solutions with existing product development cycles through flexible engagement models, and steer the organization towards reaching their manufacturing goals on time. Our engineering team provides key design solutions through digital CAD drafting and modeling, aligned with manufacturing capabilities of the organization.

Mechanical Engineering Services Offerings:

Product Design & Drafting

Our engineering design division provides clients to transform their conceptual sketches to manufacturing ready drawings, with required dimensioning and tolerance details for shop floor engineers.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM experts at hitech extend support for product life-cycle management through analysis, implementation and customization to improve operational efficiency of organizations from different domains.

Rapid Prototyping

We enable clients to visualize their conceptualized product designs through additive manufacturing and comprehensively evaluate the product prior to actual manufacturing.

Reverse Engineering

Our engineering team provides assistance to convert design information for legacy parts and plant layouts to digital CAD format, and also extend support to analyze product design for flaws through reverse engineering.

Technical Documentation

Our technical documentation team assists manufacturers in taking informed decisions across the value chain, by developing instruction manuals, training manuals and maintenance manuals.

Value Engineering

We provide support for manufacturers to integrate value engineering strategies to enhance organization efficiency and drive down overall costs across the supply chain.

Equipped with latest software technologies like AutoCAD, Wildfire, 3D Max, Inventor, Solid Works and Pro-E, we leverage our technical expertise to assist product design and development right from conceptualization to realization.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP is an experienced CFD analysis company providing CFD simulation & modeling services in the core application areas of aerodynamics, building ventilation, data centers, electronics, filtration, flow control, heat exchangers, heating / refrigeration, lighting and mixing.

We conduct simulation & modeling, aimed at helping engineers improve product quality, reduce carbon footprints, and improve product efficiency at reduced costs. We proficiently provide CFD analysis services for steady and transient flows, dispersed multi-phase flows, multiple rotation zones, chemical reactions, heat transfer (including convection, conduction and radiation), incompressible and compressible flows, free surface flows and cavitation, multiple streams, etc.

Our CFD consultants are also highly experienced in a variety of industrial applications including biomedical devices, electronic cooling, under-hood automotive, aircraft and automotive cabins, chemical mixing tanks, waste water management, residential and commercial HVAC, and wind loads on buildings and oil tanks.

We can solve any type of simple to complex challenges associated with fluid flows and mechanics. Our team is equipped with the latest pre-processing tools and CFD software like OpenFOAM, HyperMesh, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS DesignModeler/ Meshing, STAR-CCM+, Abaqus/CFD.

CFD Service Offerings:

Aerodynamic Analysis

It encompasses wind turbine blade design, vortex shedding, HVAC applications, wind-farm analysis, and airborne particle transport.

Combustion Analysis
Our offerings include species distribution, elemental analysis, flame analysis, emission analysis, and mixing analysis.

Heat Transfer Analysis

Heat transfer modeling, heat transfer simulation, heat exchanger analysis, and hot spot analysis, heat sink analysis.

Multiphase Flow Analysis

Extends free surface flows, fuel injection design & optimization, mixed species & reacting flows, particulate tracking & concentration, and fluid spray design & optimization.

Turbomachinery Analysis

Envisages cavitation’s modeling, blade design and analysis to conjugate heat transfer analysis.

At hitech, we empower our clients by offering qualitative, cost effective and time-bound design optimization solutions using CFD expertise. Clients can rely on us for accurate problem detection and devising the best solutions and that are economical and easy to implement. Over the years, we have emerged as one the most reliable and professional CFD outsourcing service providers in India.


Engineering and Fabrication

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From concept development, digital modeling and virtual testing to rapid prototyping and value engineering, we enable engineering clients to successfully launch new products on time, reduce development schedules and remain competitive in the market.

At hitech, our design solutions are tailored to meet the needs of wide range of industry verticals that include Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Energy and Healthcare. With global clientele, our team of engineering professionals, CAD modelers and industry experts has provided solutions for complex engineering design problems following industry best practices and standards.

Engineering Solution Offerings

Mechanical Product Design Development

We enable engineering clients to transform their conceptual ideas to manufacturing ready product designs, through an array of design solutions using computer aided product design and development technologies.

CFD Based Design Solutions

Our CFD experts assist product design engineers, to realize the product behavior involving fluid flow interaction prior to physical testing using computer aided simulations, providing key inputs right from early design stages.

FEA Solutions for Product Design Optimization

Engineers at hitech deliver design optimization solutions for diverse industrial equipments and mechanical parts, through finite element based simulation techniques, and help product designers to build efficient and cost-effective products in the competitive market scenario.

Electrical Design Solutions

We assist manufacturers and electrical engineers with electrical wiring diagrams, control system designs and electrical schematic drawings, to take informed decisions during product assembly.

With industry leading hardware and software infrastructure, we ensure that our engineering clients meet product development goals on time through pre-identification of design flaws, reduction in physical test trials and subsequent streamlining of manufacturing processes.

Our services are specifically aligned to meet industry specific needs with flexible engagement models, allowing manufacturing organizations to focus on their R&D and other core business activities.


Fluid Analysis

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Computational Modeling

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Physical Analysis Methods

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Fabrication and Materials Processing Services

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Fabrication Services


Device Development

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