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About HCS Pharma

HCS Pharma is a biotechnological start-up focused on in vitro preclinical research & development with a specialization in cellular imaging: High Content Analysis (HCA) and High Content Screening (HCS).

This multi-parametric imaging system allows you to gain time and money by following several parameters within the same experiment. We can perform proof of concept / mechanism of action assays, assay development and primary or secondary screenings for you.

We develop also our own models that we offer for services in different fields (Toxicology, Pharmacology, Dermocosmetic), our own compounds libraries (Prestwick, ENZO, ELF…), and our own innovative and exclusive 3D technology BIOMIMESYS® biofunctionalized scaffold for innovative phenotypic screening model.

We are located on 2 sites (Lille and Rennes) with 2 distinct specialties: human health in Lille and nutrition & wellness (Cosmetology and Nutracetics) in Rennes.

Our Services (3)


3D Cell Culture Models

Price on request

Test the efficiency and safety of your compounds in a predictive manner, thanks to our BIOMIMESYS® proprietary 3D matrix, which reproduces the microenvironment of individual tissues/organs:

BIOMIMESYS® Liver for the culture of hepatocytes and related cells in 3D for long-term experiments (primary human cells, iPSC-derived hepatocytes and cell lines). Related assays: steatosis-related tests, cholestasis, metabolism...

  • BIOMIMESYS® Adipose Tissue for the culture of adipocytes in 3D for long-term experiments (primary human cells, iPSC-derived adipocytes and cell lines). Related assays: triglyceride accumulation, anti-inflammatory effects...
  • BIOMIMESYS® Oncology for the culture of cancer cells in 3D for long-term experiments (primary human cells and cell lines). Related assays: cytotoxicity, cell cycle assays...
  • Our recently developed BIOMIMESYS® Brain for the culture of neuronal and related cells in 3D for long-term experiments on neural spheroids or neuronal networks. Related assays: neurite outgrowth, cell-cell interactions, neurotoxicity...

We perform services and provide expertise on our matrix for 3D cell culture using high content screening: contact us to design your study! We will tailor it for you to get as much information as possible in one assay (definition of cell types, mono- or cocultures, format, available stainings according to your specific question).


Multiplex Immunoassays

Price on request

Cosmetic and Personal Care Product Testing with Multiplex Screening assays

Identify & confirm the biological activities of your active Ingredient on one single 96 well plate (on keratinocytes or fibroblasts) & generate attractive marketing claims based on accurate in vitro cell imaging assays & quantitative analysis

Multiplex Screening assays for:

  • Wound Healing
  • Anti-oxidant (ROS, lipidic peroxidation, Gluthation)
  • Anti-Redness /Anti-Inflammatory (NFkB, NRF2)
  • Protection against pollutants
  • Hydration (aquaporin-3) (Keratinocytes only) or Anti-aging (Fibroblast only)

Other assays available:

  • Whitening
  • Skin microbiota preservation
  • Screening raw extract and large libraries
  • Weight management on 3D adipocytes with BIOMIMESYS Adipose Tissues


Nutraceutical & Herbal Product Testing Services

Price on request

Confirming the efficacy of nutraceuticals and functional food is a key for the development of new compounds. High content in vitro assays play a role in researching and developing new actives ingredients dedicated to human and animals food.

Using our automated imaging HCS/HCA plateform, you can choose the better in vitro assays to validate your claims and screen a large number of samples, evaluating effects of food formulation and processing conditions, investigating the possible mechanisms behind the biological actions of food factors, and prepare your marketing campaign with deep cell data analysis and relevant images.

Assays available (2D or 3D with our exclusive BIOMIMESYS® proprietary 3D matrix)

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Lipidic peroxidation
  • Gut microbiota

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