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KCCG Sequencing Laboratory

36 Orders Completed
Sydney, New South Wales, AU

Kerith Rae Dias

Senior Genomics Projects Officer

Senel Idrisoglu

Projects Officer

Dilshan Kalpage

Projects Officer

Shalima Nair

Accounts Manager

Gabrielle Stevenson

Project Officer

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  • Positive review for Whole Genome Sequencing:

    August 2018

    "Genome.One is the best DNA sequencing provider in Australasia. Their combination of the latest equipment, highly competent technicians and excellent customer service is world class. With the help of Genome.One we have successfully sequenced the genomes of all known living kakapo. This unprecedented genomic data set will help shape kakapo conservation decision making for years to come. It may prove the difference between preserving or losing one of the world's rarest and most unique birds."

  • Positive review for Whole Genome Sequencing:

    December 2016

    "The service is awesome. We had several delays and the facility is very accommodating. The service was also very quick and data quality is good. Overall we had a very good experience with this facility. Thank you."

  • Positive review for Whole Genome Sequencing:

    November 2016

    "We were very happy with the service offered by Kinghorn"

  • Negative review for Whole Genome Sequencing:

    July 2016

    "it will be hard to make the decision. the major difficulty is the headache sample shipping process, with so many legal/administration approval/lawyer involved/shipping restriction although Kinghorn Center provided excellent actual sequencing work. I would strongly suggest to simplify the sample shipping system, with a one-hit for all, to benefit potential customers around the world."

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