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General Synco Inc.

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About General Synco Inc.

We are a chemistry-based company specialized in small molecule organic compounds. We have provided laboratory scale (custom) organic synthesis and large scale manufacture for over 20 years. We are a leading supplier of high quality organic compounds at all levels – from milligrams to metric tons.

We have developed many new and unique compounds and are proud to supply these compounds to pharmaceutical and specialty chemical companies, biotechnology companies, academic and industrial research institutions worldwide.

We carry a wide range of products including advanced intermediates, bioactive reference standard compounds, building blocks, heterocycles, novel templates, amino acids, nucleosides etc.

Backed by our highly experienced and accomplished scientific and technical team and dedicated supportive staff, we provide you with high quality products at competitive prices and on time delivery to meet your research, development and production needs.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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We are devoted to the development and production of fine and specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates in large scale. We take projects from conception through laboratory scale synthesis, analytical validation, process development, pilot plant production, and commercial manufacturing. Go to our list of products currently available

We have provided chemical manufacturing since 2000. We have renovated and equipped process development/quality control laboratories and a modern manufacturing plant. The plant consists of over ten buildings of 50,000 m2, with modern reactors, filtration and drying equipment, and quality control rooms. Safety and environmental controls, including water treatment, are implemented throughout the operation.

We provide

  • New product synthesis
  • Synthetic methods development and improvement
  • Sample synthesis at laboratory scale for customer evaluation
  • Analytical validation for identity and purity
  • Scale up to provide test material
  • Commercial manufacturing


  • Fully equipped organic synthesis laboratories
  • Basic equipment for evaporation, drying, hydrogenation
  • NMR, analytical and preparative HPLCs, GC, polarimeter
  • Kilo lab with intermediate scale reactor and evaporator
  • Manufacturing facility with over 300 glass lined and stainless
    steel reactors, 100-5000L

Our Advantages

  • Experience at all levels of organic synthesis - from laboratory to manufacturing scales
  • Experience in synthesis methods development
  • Experience in export-import procedures
  • Fully integrated product development process - from laboratory
    scale to test sample to bulk manufacture
  • State of the art facilities and equipment
  • Favorable pricing


Chemical Synthesis

Price on request

We provide custom synthesis of organic compounds for the chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, and to universities and research institutions. We offer starting materials, intermediates, reference compounds, and derivatives of lead compounds. Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from milligrams to several kilograms. Requests for contract research services can be fulfilled.

We have been in organic synthesis business for over 20 years and employ highly experienced and accomplished synthetic organic and medicinal chemists with extensive experience in industrial and academic synthesis and research. We specialize in small molecule organic compounds, natural products, heterocycles, nucleosides, and amino acids. Our staff is capable of handling difficult synthetic assignments and providing high quality, on-time, and confidential services. We are developing an inventory of compounds that are not readily available elsewhere, and appreciate suggestions from you and your staff about products that we might offer.

We offer

Laboratory scale production:

  • starting materials and intermediates
  • reference compounds
  • metabolites
  • expensive or uncommon reagents
  • mg to Kg scales

Specialty products, biochemicals

  • modified amino acids
  • nucleosides and nucleotides
  • reagents for peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis

Contract research:

  • medicinal chemistry
  • lead compounds, analogs of active leads
  • scale-up and optimization
  • FTE base contract synthesis


  • timely, high quality delivery
  • certificate of analysis with product
  • complete lot records and archived sample
  • confidential services and quotations
  • consultation; analog and method design


  • offices and laboratories are located in the Massachusetts Biotechnology Research Park, Worcester, MA, USA
  • fully equipped synthesis, including kilo-scale and analytical laboratories
  • multinuclear NMR, LCMS, HPLC, high pressure hydrogenator

milligram gram kilogram ton


Synthetic Building Blocks and Intermediates

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Synthetic Chemistry

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Synthetic Chemistry Services


Chemistry and Materials

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Chemistry and Materials Services


Formulation Services

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Formulation & Manufacturing Services


Manufacturing Services

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Manufacturing Services

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