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About Fusion Antibodies Plc

Fusion Antibodies is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that offers a complete range of royalty free services from Antibody Discovery and Antibody Humanization through to Stable Cell Line Generation for therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies.

Created in 2001 as a spin-out from one of the UK’s leading academic centers; The Queen’s University of Belfast, Fusion Antibodies has expanded into a world leading CRO, with over sixteen years’ experience and technical knowhow in early biologic drug development.

Fusion Antibodies offers services covering all aspects of therapeutic & diagnostic antibody development from discovery to clinical supply.

We have produced over 500 recombinant proteins, generated over 300 monoclonal antibodies, sequenced over 1000 antibodies and performed more than 115 antibody humanization projects, with antibodies now in phase I & II clinical development.

We have consistently delivered on technically difficult projects including class switching, chimerisation & bispecific antibody production and we have a list of clients happy to testify to the quality of our service.

We have established a network of trusted partner companies expanding the reach of our services from high throughout B-cell screening, cloning and expression to cGMP scale up and a comprehensive range of analytics.

Choose Fusion Antibodies because:

• We have over 16 years experience in antibody research
• Offer Flexible business models
• Complete access to the technical team
• ISO9001 Certified
• Have experience working with a range of firms from large pharmaceutical companies (Roche,GSK) to smaller firms and research institutions
• GLP facilities and cGMP manufacturing

Certifications & Qualifications

ISO 9001

Diversity Certificates

Small business

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Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Production

Price on request

We specialize in high quality monoclonal antibodies, particularly those which are difficult to produce. Our two main foci are robust screening methodologies and excellent antigen design.

Our monoclonal antibody development service produces high quality hybridoma cell lines.

Fusion Antibodies offer a custom antibody production service based on the classic Kohler and Milstein technique for the production of monoclonal antibodies. We can offer the client advice on the design and expression of the antigen to help ensure a positive outcome to the project. Using techniques developed over 15 years, our lab achieves high fusion success rates which increases the likelihood of a successful outcome of your project.

Over the past 16 years we have performed more than 250 hybridoma fusions and produced over 1000 hybridoma cell lines for a wide range of clients, from small biotech to large pharmaceutical companies.

Fusion Antibodies offer a range of options for developing monoclonal antibodies. Our goal is to allow access to the production of high quality antibodies to a wide variety of researchers with flexible pricing. We provide a “core” service including immunization of mice, hybridoma fusion, screening and cloning but now also have options to include additional services such as adaptation to supplement free media.

An example of the service options include:

Optional – Stage I: Production of ~5mg of recombinant protein or peptide antigen
Stage II : Immunization of 5 mice
Stage III: Fusion screening and selection of positive hybridomas
Stage IV: Cloning to produce hybridoma cell line
Recommend – Stage V: Adaption to cloning supplement free media
Optional – Stage VI: - Scale up/purification of lead candidates

Project Timeline for Stages II, III and IV – 20 Weeks

Our approach is to listen to your final requirements and work with you to design a mile-stoned work package to deliver on your exact requirements for your monoclonal antibody development program. The murine antibodies we manufacture are perfect as high quality research antibodies and when your project is ready we can humanize them for use in the clinic.

Key points

  • 16+ years experience in the Antibody Development field
  • Hundreds of successful projects
  • Extensive knowledge of antigen design, expression and purification
  • We can offer complete packages to move your antibody forward
  • Client-focused
  • We will work with your team closely to achieve your goals
  • UK-based company
  • Mile-stoned payments

Antigens designed by 3D structural analysis

Fusion Antibodies uses 3D modelling software to assist us in designing high quality peptide antigens to represent your protein of interest. This allows us to develop high quality peptides which we know are accessible on the protein surface and are immunogenic. We also model and overlay these peptide sequences to make sure they are conformationally similar to the target protein. The result is a peptide immunogen which more accurately represents the intended target and therefore results in better antibodies with higher affinities.

We have designed techniques for generating antibodies to differentiate between phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated forms of a protein, strategies to generate non-interacting pairs of antibodies against the same protein and methods for targeting highly specific epitopes on the target. We can also run simple projects for more straight forward targets.


Protein Expression in Mammalian Cells

Mammalian cell based recombinant protein production
Price on request

Providing expression in mammalian systems (CHO,HEK)

Employing highly developed processes to ensure a fast turnaround (from cloned gene to large quantities of protein in 14 days)

Robust CHO transient expression platform:

Enables full post-translational modifications
Including GFP control
Yielding 50-300mg/L
Scale up to meet your requirements


Antibody Engineering

Price on request

Fusion Antibodies offers a range of antibody engineering services including chimeric, scFv, Fab, F(ab')2, bi-specific and more!

We are experts at antibody engineering and can produce a range of custom antibodies

We offer a range of custom antibody configurations which are sure to meet your requirements. We can produce antibodies in a wide range of formats including scFv, Fab, chimerics and many more. We can also combine our antibody engineering services with our humanization services and express your humanized antibodies in an alternative format. There is no other company in the world that has the same experience in engineered antibody production. We combine 15+ years of antibody engineering experience with industry leading knowledge and expertise and are happy to discuss any collaboration on a new antibody engineering project.

Popular engineered antibody configurations

Fusion Antibodies offer a range of Antibody Engineering services. Some of our most popular antibody configurations are shown below but many more are possible. If you have an idea for an alternative antibody construct contact us today and we would be happy to disucss!

Chimeric Antibodies

Our antibody chimeric antibody engineering service allows you to rapidly convert the species isotype of your antibody to validate its potential in various therapeutic or diagnostic assays. Variable domains sequenced from your hybridoma cell line can be recombined with constant domains of you choice.

  • Reduce the immunogenicity of the antibody in vivo.
  • Many constant domains available
  • Optional Antibody Sequencing service available
  • Compare effector functions
  • Optimize allotype

scFv antibody fragments

There are many advantages in using scFv’s, particularly in the fields of therapeutics and diagnostics. scFv’s offer several advantages over monoclonal antibodies as carriers of radionuclei and drugs to tumors, including greater tumour penetration due their small size, low kidney uptake, rapid blood clearance and a lower negative response by the human immune system.

Fab and F(ab')2 antibody fragments

Fab fragments differ from scFv’s as they contain both variable domains and constant regions thus their construction and ultimate expression is somewhat more complex. Fusion Antibodies are experts with over 15 years experience in antibody production. If a monoclonal antibody is available the fab fragment can be created enzymatically, or by first sequencing the variable domains followed by recombinant expression. It is also possible to create a fab fragment whenever there is no monoclonal antibody available simply from the antibody variable region sequences if known.

IgG class switching

Fusion Antibodies offer antibody isotype switching as a service. Using our own technology and in-house expertise we are able to change any antibody isotype from any species to any other IgG isotype. The antibody isotype switching process involves replacing only the constant region of the antibody while maintaining the variable regions and therefore specificity of your antibody. Antibody class switching does not affect antigen specificity, retains antigen affinity and allows interaction with different effector molecules.

Antibody class switching can benefit your research by giving you control over the level of immune cell engagement, avidity and half-life of your antibodies. We have the expertise and experience to provide advice and guidance throughout each stage of your customized, mile-stoned antibody engineering project.

The main class switches which we offer are listed below however we are able to change an antibody of any isotype from any species to any other IgG isotype. Simply provide us with two standard freeze down vials of your antibody producing cell line and then inform us of the desired isotype and Fusion Antibodies will sequence the antibody, class switch to the required isotype and (if necessary) express your new antibody.

Bi-specific antibody production

Fusion Antibodies are proud to offer a new and unique service of generating antibodies which are hybrids of two unique antibody molecules. With the recent press attention surrounding the first FDA approved bi-specific antibody; catumaxomab and the announcement of the humanization of Fusion Therapeutics very own Fsn1006 dual-targeting antibody, there has never been a better time to test the combined effects of your antibodies.

We can aid in the design of your bi-specific antibody and all we need to start would be freeze down vials of your antibody expressing cell lines. Fusion Antibodies will then sequence your antibodies, combine them in an engineered format and (if necessary) express your new antibody.

Other Antibody Engineering Services

In addition to the above antibody fragments, we can also design a number of other formats including:

  • Diabody
  • Minibody
  • Triabody


Cell Line Generation

Price on request

Fusion Antibodies is an experienced partner in developing stable cell lines for research and manufacturing purposes.

Fusion Antibodies offer four main stable cell line development products which allow maximum flexibility in reaching client expectations. All projects are performed to GLP standards and are delivered in a timely manner in agreement with regulatory compliance including documentation. We specialize in the development of stable cell lines expressing antibodies and Fc-fused proteins and also for a variety of cell surface receptors, cytoplasmic and secreted proteins.

Stable cell line development is important for:

  • Consistent high level expression of your protein of interest
  • Development of cell lines in serum free media to meet regulatory requirements
  • Expression of large functionally active multimeric proteins due to the presence of complex post translation modifications such as glycosylation and disulphide bond linkage
  • Ease of transfer of cell lines for cGMP scale production

Fusion Antibodies can develop your mammalian stable cell line from your monoclonal mouse cell lines or simply from a peptide/DNA sequence or ascension number! We aim to develop your sequence of interest into a stable cell line from as little as 24 weeks. We offer a choice of both in-house and commercially available expression vectors at a range of highly competitive prices.

Our cell line development services

Stable pools

For initial animal studies, PK studies, protein characterisation work or other small research projects, expression from stable pools is the perfect solution for supply of purified protein from 1mg to 250mg. Fusion Antibodies offer the rapid development of high quality stable pools for stable expression of your protein of interest. Estimated yields is around 25mg/L in a batch shake flask culture.

Research cell line (RCL)

Fusion Antibodies offers fast development of a stable cell line suitable for reliable expression of your recombinant protein for pre-clinical and diagnostic experiments. Our research cell line product is the perfect option for clients who require fast expression of a small amount of your recombinant proteins. Estimated yield is up to 50 mg/L in a batch shake flask culture.

Key Features

  • In house or client's expression vector
  • CHO DG44, CHO-S, HEK293 or CHO K1 cell types available
  • One stable transfection and pool selection
  • One limiting dilution of a pool at 1 cell/well
  • Screening of 60 clones and selection of 3 best expressing clones
  • SFM/CDM commercial medium and suspension cultures
  • Mycoplasma testing by PCR

Reseach cell line plus (RCL-Plus)

If you require a larger amount of antibody for your pre-clinical or diagnostic experiments, our research cell line plus would be the right option for you. The RCL-Plus product additionally offers screening of a larger number of clones, characterization of growth and expression in batch shake flasks cultures for the top clones, and production of your protein. Estimated yield is 50-100 mg/L in a batch shake flask culture.

Key Features

  • In house or client's expression vector
  • CHO DG44, CHO-S, HEK293 or CHO K1 cell types available
  • One stable transfection and pool selection
  • One limiting dilution of a pool at 1 cell/well
  • Screening of 120 clones and selection of 5-10 best expressing clones
  • Purification of protein from a batch (160 ml) pool and top clone cultures
  • SFM/CDM commercial medium and suspension cultures
  • Research cell bank
  • Mycoplasma testing by PCR

Manufacturing cell line (G1)

Fusion Antibodies manufacturing cell line G1 product is a perfect solution for rapid advancement of your molecule towards the clinic. Using the CHO DG44 or CHO K1 host cell line Fusion Antibodies would develop a manufacturing stable cell line suitable for fair expression of your recombinant molecule in GMP facility for the first clinical trials. Estimated yield is 100-200 mg/L in a batch shake flask culture. After process optimization the cell line could express 1-1.5 g/L in a fed-batch bioreactor.

Key Features

  • In house or client's expression vector
  • CHO DG44 or CHO K1 cell types available
  • CDM commercial medium and suspension cultures
  • Two stable transfections and pools selection
  • MTX amplification of pools
  • Two limiting dilutions at 1 cell/well
  • High throughput screening of clones (300) and detailed analysis of expression for 5-10% best clones
  • Characterization of growth and expression in batch shake flasks for the best clones
  • 30 day stability study for top 5 clones
  • Purification of protein from a batch culture of top clones
  • Research cell bank tested by FDA approved mycoplasma and sterility methods

Manufacturing cell line (G2)

Fusion Antibodies manufacturing cell line G2 product is our top package for stable cell line development. Using the CHO DG44 or CHO K1 host cell line, extensive high throughput screening of clones, extended stability study of expression and multiple research cell bank testing will significantly increase your chance to find a stable cell line capable of multi-gram/L production in optimized conditions. Estimated yield is 200-400 mg/L in a batch shake flask culture. After process optimization the cell line could express 1-3 g/L in a fed-batch bioreactor.

Key Features

  • In house or client's expression vector
  • CHO DG44 or CHO K1 cell types available
  • CDM commercial medium and suspension cultures
  • Multiple Stable transfections with several vectors and multiple pools selected
  • MTX amplification of pools
  • Two limiting dilutions at 1 cell/well
    czswgmkl,./High throughput screening of clones (1200) and detailed analysis of expression for 5-10% best clones
  • Characterization of growth and expression in batch shake flasks for the best clones
  • 30 day stability study for top 5 clones
  • Additional 50 days stability study for top 7 clones
  • Purification of protein from a batch culture of top clones
  • Research cell banks for top 3 clones tested by FDA approved mycoplasma and sterility methods


Antibody Sequencing

Price on request

We are Antibody Sequencing experts, with 16+ years of experience and 1000 antibodies successfully sequenced, we are number 1 in the world for quality and expertise.

We use custom primer sets developed to achieve very high success rates and we are so confident in our antibody sequencing service we even guarantee it. If we are not able to obtain a strong consensus sequence for your antibody, you do not have to pay for our service. Fusion Antibodies are world leaders in humanization and have been appointed by the US court of Delaware as expert witnesses in a multibillion dollar drug case.

Why our antibody sequencing service is the best:

Fusion Antibodies have unmatched strength and depth of knowledge in this highly skilled area of research which will help accelerate your discovery and validation process.

We have sequenced antibodies from many species including Mouse, Rat, Armenian Hamster, Horse, Cow, Dog and others. In our standard sequencing packages we clone and sequence extracted mRNA from your hybridoma cell lines and generate a full report of the consensus variable domains including CDR and aberrant light chain identification. Our platform is so robust we have even obtained sequences from dead hybridomas from a number of projects!

Our ground breaking services have made us a recognized leader in hybridoma sequencing services which have been used repeatedly by top pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, clinical research organizations and research scientists around the globe.

Most importantly, our standard sequencing services do not just provide a single antibody sequence. We sequence 10-50 antibody independent clones and build a strong consensus sequence. Our sequencing service is the only service where you can be 100% sure that you have the correct sequence of your antibody, which is critical for downstream applications.

Whatever your application, our antibody sequencing service is one that you can depend on.

Accurate sequencing of your monoclonal antibodies is critical for downsteam applications. If your antibody sequence will be used for downsteam development such as antibody humanization or CHO cell line development then having a 100% accurate sequence is crucial.

Quality Control

Third party verification of your target antibody cell line gives you added security in your processes.
Patent Applications

Sequence information can support and strengthen your patent. Our robust antibody sequencing services give you confidence that your parent contains the correct antibody sequence.

Full Traceability

Ensure batch to batch consistency throughout your research, development and manufacturing programs. From 1 to 100's of antibodies, our F.A.A.S.T service option is perfect for rapid sequencing of small to large numbers of antibodies.

Drug Development

Sequence data can assist in the selection of target cell line and is vital for any downstream antibody engineering. Be 100% sure of your antibody sequence before investing in recombinant modification processes such as antibody humanization or antibody engineering.

Service levels

  • Antibody variable domain sequencing
    • VH and VL only
  • 5'RACE Antibody sequencing
    • VH, VL and leader sequence
  • Full antibody sequencing
    • VH, VL, leader sequence and constant domains
  • F.A.A.S.T. antibody sequencing service
    • We have recently introduced a new service level whereby we can sequence your antibody in as little as 1 week. Fusion Antibodies Accelerated Sequencing Technology (F.A.A.S.T.) is a one-shot approach to rapidly identify antibody sequences from your target cell lines. The service allows a low-cost option to rapidly acquire a sequence, but for a more robust, guaranteed sequencing option we would still highly recommend our standard sequencing services as detailed above.


Antibody Humanization

Price on request

We offer a royalty free antibody humanization service. With 16+ years experience in the antibody development industry and our CDRx™ platform, which enables a robust, reliable and accurate modernized version of the CDR grafting technique.

Fusion Antibodies have now completed over 115 antibody humanization projects using our next generation in silico CDRx™ technology. We identify and combine the essential sequences from antibody variable domains into human donor sequences to create a panel of full length humanized antibodies for expression. The Fusion Antibodies humanization platform produces antibodies which are compliant with the WHO/INN definitions of a humanized antibody to receive the -zu- species origin substem.

Fully humanized monoclonal antibodies are an essential step in the progression of your drug to the clinic and the in-house expertise at Fusion Antibodies ensures its success.

Our antibody humanization service process

Fusion Antibodies have developed a modernized version of the CDR grafting technique with a few key improvements. We identify the CDRs from your antibody sequences using our own custom algorithms (a combination of traditional Kabat and IMGT algorithms) and graft these into antibody frameworks carefully selected from a database of over 30,000 antibodies. Frameworks are selected based on a number of factors including homology and position of some key residues. The sequences we choose have undergone somatic hypermutation in a human being, they are not back-mutated or otherwise artificially modified and produce a panel of high quality, full length, humanized antibodies for expression.

Key points

  • Next generation in silico CDR grafting platform
  • Improvements over traditional CDR grafting methods
  • T-Cell epitope screening included in the design stage
  • Chimeric control included
  • WHO/INN humanized definition compliant
  • 3D Structural predictions included*
  • 2-fold affinity guarantee*
  • Antibody humanization from any parental species
  • scFvs, Fabs and other antibodies humanized
  • Patented process with no royalties
  • 16+ years experience of antibody drug development
  • European based limited company
  • Milestoned payments

*included in most packages, please inquire for more details

For more information contact us today!

Antibody humanization service to meet your requirements

We differentiate our antibody humanization service packages by the number of humanized variants you would like to design. When we obtain your parental antibody sequence we will design either 5 VH and VL sequences. When these are recombined they will give 25 different humanized antibodies which we would express and test to find a lead candidate. Each package also includes a chimeric control antibody (VH0-VL0).

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