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About Fusion Antibodies Plc

Established in 2001 as a spin out from Queens University Belfast, Fusion Antibodies are a Collaborative Research Organisation (CRO) providing antibody discovery, engineering and supply, through to cell line development. The Company’s mission is to enable pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to develop innovative products in a timely and cost-effective manner for the benefit of the global healthcare industry.

Fusion Antibodies world-class humanization and antibody optimization platforms harnesses the power of the natural somatic hypermutation space. To address remaining market needs in antibody discovery, Fusion is creating a breakthrough fully human antibody library to capture the entire human antibody repertoire. Fusion provides a broad range of services in antibody generation, development, production, characterisation and optimisation. These services include antigen expression, antibody production, purification and sequencing, antibody humanisation using Fusion's proprietary CDRx™ platform and the production of antibody generating stable cell lines to provide material for use in clinical trials.

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Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Production

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Fusion’s approach to discovery is to put function first. We’ve generated >300 monoclonal antibodies against a wide range of targets including GPCRs and modified peptides, with our extensive expertise enabling us to take advantage of cutting edge technologies, and a repertoire of animal hosts (incl. murine hybridoma technology and B-cell cloning strategies from rabbit) to ensure your project is a success. We do this by focusing upon 3 key areas – Host Species Selection, Antigen Design and Screening Strategies. Understanding your project background, timelines, budget, and end goal helps us to create a strategy best suited to you. 


Antibody Affinity Maturation

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We’ve adopted a novel approach to affinity maturation. Experience helps us to deliver an antibody optimization service for you that increases the binding but also considers manufacturing, stability or immunogenicity.

Using our Rational Affinity Maturation Platform (RAMP™), we can help those who want to develop the best possible antibody sequence by exploring the natural somatic hypermutation space of their antibody and introducing diversity both in the frameworks and the CDRs.


Protein Expression in Mammalian Cells

Mammalian cell based recombinant protein production
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Whether to underpin a protein engineering campaign, to support antigen production or for batch production of your therapeutic candidate, our goal is to deliver exceptional proteins.

We have extensive expertise and knowledge when it comes to protein expression in mammalian systems. Reliable and high quality protein production underpins any preclinical development program and is essential for a robust data package and downstream success. We have a dedicated team of biochemists that understand the challenges of protein expression, purification and characterisation. Furthermore our protein team work closely with our sequence engineers to ensure we achieve the best possible sequence for optimal production of your protein. Fusion’s protein expression service is designed to provide you reliable recombinant proteins with optimal yields in rapid timelines.


Antibody Engineering

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We offer a range of Antibody Reformatting services and are experienced in producing antibodies in a wide range of formats including bispecific/multispecifics, scFv, Fab,  and many more.


Cell Line Generation

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Fusion are an experienced partner in CLD and have access to multiple cGMP complaint cell lines and technologies. This includes CHOvolution from Celonic, CHOZN GS system from Sigma and CHO-S from Thermofisher, which are all compliant with EMA/FDA standards and offer flexible commercial licensing. We have developed multiple cell lines for antibodies and fusion proteins producing up to 8g/L, with current timelines from sequence to research cell bank (RCB) being as little as ~4 months. Furthermore, we have long-standing relationships with large-scale GMP manufacturing partners and regulatory advisers to facilitate seamless transfer to the clinic.


Antibody Humanization

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Our humanization team go beyond just deimmunising your molecule by ensuring we produce variants with comparable affinity (guaranteed) and an improved developability profile. We perform CDR grafting into mature human frameworks selected based on homology, critical residues in common and avoidance of framework sequence liabilities and T-cell epitopes. This strategy has allowed us to complete >215 successful humanization projects with multiple mAbs in the clinic and the most advanced in Phase II trials.

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