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About Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc

Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc. was formed to leverage FLECS Technology (originally developed in the Di Carlo Lab @ UCLA) to provide drug-makers and researchers direct access to cellular force generation at the single-cell level – a cellular behavior that was previously inaccessible in an automated way.

We provide a fundamentally new class of cell-based assays that functionally evaluate single-cell contractility, integrated into standard multi-wellplate vessels – available both as end-to-end services, and as consumables.

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Human Precision-Cut Lung Slice Assays

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Precision-Cut Lung Slice / ex vivo model for lung fibrosis

We induce fibrotic activation and phenotypes in human PCLS using fibrotic growth factors and evaluate fibrotic gene expression using RT-qPCR to evaluate effects of test compounds.

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Cell-Based Assays

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Functional single-cell contractility / contraction / traction force assay -- use proprietary single-cell assay modality to quantify contractile cell force in 100s of primary cells simultaneously using automation. Ref:


- Screen compound libraries for effects on mechanical contraction of cells (384 format / >5K cmpds per day)

- Dose-response testing (20 steps / 2 fold serial dilution)

- Synergy testing of compound combinations

Relevant biology:

-Respiratory / airway smooth muscle contraction

-Reproductive / uterine smooth muscle contraction

- CV / arterial smooth muscle contraction

- bladder / bladder smooth muscle contraction

Other capabilities:

- precision cut lung slice model of pulmonary fibrosis


High Throughput Screening (HTS)

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We can perform HTS for effects on contractility in numerous primary cell types using our 200K compound library, or using your compounds

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