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Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc

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About Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc

Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc. was formed to leverage FLECS Technology (originally developed in the Di Carlo Lab @ UCLA) to provide drug-makers and researchers direct access to cellular force generation at the single-cell level – a cellular behavior that was previously inaccessible in an automated way.

We provide a fundamentally new class of cell-based assays that functionally evaluate single-cell contractility, integrated into standard multi-wellplate vessels – available both as end-to-end services, and as consumables.

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Functional Human Tissue Contractility Assays

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We perform high-throughout functional contractility measurements in single-cells and multi-cellular structures in vitro in ~384-wellplate formats.


High Throughput Screening (HTS)

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We can perform HTS for effects on contractility in numerous primary cell types using our 200K compound library, or using your compounds

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