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About Fieldwork

Fieldwork has been a leader in world-class marketing research services and facilities for over 35 years. As market research has expanded from the standard focus group to incorporate other methodologies and technologies, Fieldwork has expanded with it.

We have 15 research facilities across the US, a multi-market project management team that covers the globe, and recruiting capabilities for any type of project in any location. We offer solutions and support for all qualitative research methodologies including online research, ethnographic research, usability research, convention research, and focus groups.

To streamline the fielding process, Fieldwork offers Fieldwork Network, a team dedicated to managing multi-market studies from start to finish. We have carefully vetted and established partnerships with respected facilities all over the U.S. and the globe. The Network International team has navigated the unique research cultures of over 50 countries.

Fieldwork Webwork is your expert partner for online research. Webwork offers software solutions for online focus groups, bulletin boards, online surveys, etc. with hands-on tech support. What makes the Webwork team unique is that they also have a broad range of qualitative research experience.

For studies where research facility choices are limited or non-existent, Fieldwork offers Fieldwork Anywhere. The Anywhere team can create the full facility experience in any location in the U.S.

All Fieldwork services are supported by our National Recruiting Center (NRC) and our local (facility) recruiting teams. Recruiting has always been our focus and our pride. Whatever you are looking for, wherever you need it, Fieldwork has the experience and resources to help.

Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest.

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Market Research

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Fieldwork has been partnering with market research experts for over 30 years. Over the years we have become more than just a group of facilities. We have expanded and adapted our services to provide the utmost flexibility to our clients so they can focus on the research.


Staffing Services

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Fieldwork understands that when it comes to Qualitative research, high quality recruiting is the key. We put more time and effort into our recruiting than any other part of our business because we know it’s the most important thing to our clients.

What makes Fieldwork Recruiting unique?

Databases: Our databases are our lifeline, so we micro-manage them!

  • Rich in data that goes beyond demographics. Of course anyone can pull names by age, race, income. We can pull out respondents who own a tablet, or who have diabetes (or both). Our database system is flexible, so we can start tracking whatever is important for your research now.
  • Constantly refreshed and growing: We NEVER stop building our databases, but we are also sticklers about updating them. Did you change jobs? Have a baby? Move? We are the first to know. So we don’t just have big databases, we have big accurate databases.
  • Sophisticated tracking for past participation and undesirable respondents: Past par tracked by date, topic and client. Less-than-ideal respondent? Never again.

Recruiter Integrity

  • Recruiters extensively trained. We make sure our recruiters understand the ins and outs of the entire research process before they make their first call.
  • Emphasis on quality over quantity. All screeners are validated by a second person, and recruiters are praised for quality and show rate.
  • High standards in ethics and security. All Fieldwork recruiters read, sign, and practice the MRA standards of ethics in data collection. Fieldwork also has extensive security policies in place to protect every aspect of the recruiting process.
  • Fieldwork pride! There’s a reason that Fieldwork recruiters tend to stay with us so long. We encourage you to talk to our recruiters next time you are in our facilities. Their dedication will show!


  • Phone room managers from all of our offices meet once a year to discuss best practices and ways to help each other. They are encouraged to work together to think outside the box on recruits.
  • Standard forms and tools. By standardizing our recruiting forms and processes, we can seamlessly help each other with projects. Our goal is to create the efficiencies of a centralized recruiting facility, without sacrificing the “local” advantage.

Online Pre-screening with Limits

Fieldwork recognizes that online pre-screening is a powerful tool for getting those hard-to-find recruits. But we are very careful to use it in ways that retain the quality and integrity of the recruit. When we use pre-screening, you can be assured that we are:

  • Staying true to the screener questions
  • Blasting only our respondents and double checking past-par
  • Doing a complete re-screen via phone

National Recruiting Center

Initially set up for overflow recruiting, the NRC in Chicago now has an extensive national database and specializes in difficult recruits that span the nation. They often work closely with our Webwork division to bring together far flung respondents through virtual focus groups, online bulletin boards etc.


Project Management

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Business Development Consulting

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Business Development, Marketing & Operations

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