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About Experoment

Size: 11-50 employees

Experoment is a centralized biology lab that allows you to perform reproducible experiments from the comfort of your desktop. Get access to state-of-the-art automation facilities on-demand, through the cloud. Obtain reliable datasets faster and cheaper.

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Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC)

Price on request

BAC DNA production

Scalable technologies that allow producing small batches (250ml) that can be easily scalable to production (up to 2000L). 

Technology: Ambr® 250 modular bioreactor (Sartorius®) 

Quality Control: Continuous culture monitoring: Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, pH


BAC DNA Extraction

Starting at £300.00 per sample

A high-throughput and scalable solution for BAC DNA isolation.

- OmegaBiotek® paramagnetic beads
- CyBio Felix from Analytik Jena: automated liquid handling for high-throughput BAC DNA extraction using 96 well plates.

Quality control:
- BAC DNA purity
- RT-PCR, StepOnePlus

Starting sample: Lysed bacteria. We also offer scalable production of bacteria using the Sartorius Ambr technology.

Turnaround time: 4 weeks


BAC Generation

Price on request
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Ioanna Mylonaki

Chief Scientific Officer

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