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About Eureka! Ranch

For 30+ years we've helped leading corporations develop innovations for new products, services, systems, brands, and businesses. We've created and tested 25,000+ innovations, 100,000+ individuals & invested over $25 Million to create ways to be better, faster, and smarter at innovation. The result is a systems-driven approach to innovation called Innovation Engineering. It's a new field of academic study and leadership science that can ignite innovation within your people, projects, and culture. This new approach is taught in all our courses, built into our tools, and used during all of our projects.

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Process Consulting

Price on request

The Ranch team includes statisticians, a patent lawyer, human system experts and leading edge programming experts who together develop and deliver intelligent tools and work systems that enable and empower people to take ideas to market faster and with less risk.


Project Management

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Project and Process Management Services


Innovation Training

Starting at $2,995.00 per course

Innovation Fundamentals Training

At the Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course you'll learn the fundamentals of innovation, but MORE IMPORTANTLY you'll apply the learning to start accelerating success in your work RIGHT NOW - no matter your skills, title, or experience.

This course includes 1/2 day of online classes, 2 in-class days, and 2 months of certification coaching on experience assignments that apply to your real work.

Innovation Mastery Course & Certification

Starting at $12,000.00 per course

At the Mastery Course, you'll learn 36 advanced innovation skills that build on the 12 skills you learned at the Fundamentals Course. The combined 48 skills make up the Innovation Engineering "Body of Knowledge" - the complete set of skills taught in Innovation Engineering undergraduate and graduate school programs across the country. In the Mastery Course, the instruction has been condensed for corporate education so that anyone can participate.

The Innovation Engineering Mastery Course is taught using our patent-pending Cycles to Mastery teaching method (digital/lab/application/experience/reflection). It's a way of teaching that accelerates the transfer of knowledge, helping participants feel confident in their new skills faster than traditional teaching methods.

The total cost for the course includes 1 day of online classes, 3 in-class days, and 12 months of coaching to certification on experience assignments that apply to your real work.

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