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About ETAP-Lab

ETAP-Lab provides preclinical models and services in the fields of Dermatology and Stroke. The company has strong expertise in the field of Dermatology research and offers a large portfolio of original in vivo rodent models such as chronic skin inflammation, ischemic ulceration, psoriasis, hyperkeratosis, wound healing, atopic dermatitis, actinic keratosis, skin cancer

ETAP-Lab is also leader in the field of preclinical stroke research with a unique model portfolio consisting of innovative and translational models proposed under the brand [email protected]. ETAP-Lab also provides in vivo imaging services with a 7T-MRI.

With more than 2 decades of experience, ETAP-Lab has become a best-in-class service provider for top tier Pharma, Medical device and Agri-food companies and obtained ISO9001:v2015 certification for all its preclinical services.

ETAP-Lab is listening to the needs of their clients to offer the most suited solution for products evaluation. Thus, its team is able to develop and customize relevant animal models with high translational value that fit to specific goals, from the proof-of-concept to the early development.

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Health-Nutrition and Food Toxicology


ETAP-Lab provides preclinical test for bioactive ingredients in the fields of metabolic diseases (diabetes, overweight, hypertension), gut inflammation (Traveller diarrhea, Colic inflammation, Crohn's disease, gastric incomfort and ulcerrion), and food toxicity.

Food toxicity studies follow both OCDE guidelines and US-EPA guidelines for both novel-food and GRAS food status.


Dermatology Animal Models

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ETAP-Lab provides original and gold standard models for a wide range of Dermatology conditions in rat and mice (normal and hairless SKH-1 mice). Cicatrisation models has also been validated in diabetic mice. Models are suitable to test both drugs and medical devices.

Our models:

• Hyperkeratosis and actinic keratosis
• Chronic skin inflammation
• Skin ulceration
• Skin cancer
• Psoriasis
• Atopic dermatitis
• Wound healing (several models)
• Ischemic ulceration
• Scratch
• Pain after cutaneous application
• Fibrinous wound
• Blister

Atopic dermatitis Psoriasis Actinic keratosis Skin inflammation Skin ulceration Hyperkeratosis Skin Cancer Blister Fibrinous wound Wound healing Cicatrization Scratch C-Cube camera UVB irradiator Video tracking Biology Drug Discovery Pharmacology behavioral assay small animal imaging histology Cytokine analysis hairless mice Mice Rat db/db mice skh-1 mice Dermatology Show 28 more tags Show less


Stroke Animal Models

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ETAP-Lab is also leader in the field of preclinical stroke research with a unique model portfolio consisting of innovative and translational models proposed under the brand [email protected] We also provide in vitro tests (primary neuron culture and clotting/lysis assays).

[email protected] laboratory represents the only CRO 100% dedicated to preclinical stroke research, the [email protected] Scientific Advisory Board is coordinated by a renowned scientist in the field of Stroke : Pr Denis Vivien (PhIND Laboratory, INSERM/Caen university).

Stroke services comprise:

- Rodent model of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke (> 10 models)

- In vivo MRI including both standard sequences (lesion, hemorrhage, perfusion, angiography) and innovative sequences (molecular imagery of inflammation, glymphatic system)

- Behaviour for deficit and functionnla recovery

- In vitro primary neuron culture for neuroprotection and in vitro clot formation/lysis assays.

Stroke Ischemia Hemorrhage Ischemic Stroke Hemorrhagic Stroke 7T MRI MRI Pet-Scan Laser Speckle Speckle Video tracking Neuroprotection Fibrinolysis molecular imaging FDG-PET imaging Specle analysis Rat Mice Drug Discovery Pharmacology Neuroscience primary cell culture ROTEM Clotting assay Clot Lysis behavioral assay neurobehavioral screening Show 27 more tags Show less


Cognitive, Behavioral, and Psychiatric Animal Models

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ETAP-Lab provides gold standard behavioral tests for psychopharmacology (anxiety, depression, peripheral and visceral pain, learning, …).

CNS/Neurology Pain Depression Anxiety Mild cognitive impairment Video tracking behavioural devices Psychiatry/Mental Health behavioral assay neurobehavioral screening behavioural assay video-tracking CNS/Neurology Psychiatry/Mental Health Show 14 more tags Show less

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