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poch Life Science, Inc., a biotech company headquartered in the Nation's fastest-growing county, Fort Bend County, is a direct spin-off from the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in US. With an extensive research & business experiences in both academic and industrial sectors, we are dedicated to provide quality, cost-effective, efficient and time-saving reagents and one-to-one services to academic research as well as pharmaceutical drug discovery.

Currently we are focused on developing and commercializing advanced reagents for the isolation, expression, analysis, and purification of genes and their protein products. Our products are sold through our highly knowledgeable direct sales team, our e-commerce website, and a worldwide network of distributors.

At the core of Epoch Life Sciences' success is the dedication to our customers. Understanding the needs of today's life science researchers and helping those individuals with their on-going research is our first priority. Contact our R&D department directly If you have special requirements of our product. Or if you want to put your novel ideas into products which will benefit millions of researchers world wide, let our License Department know.

Our mission is to be your preferred source of top quality reagents and reliable services through constant technology innovations.

Epoch Life Science Inc. seeks to become a leading biotech and pharmaceutical contract research laboratory (CRL). Our priority is to provide affordable, high quality and GLP-compliant services at molecular, protein and cellular level. Through effective collaboration we are committed to relieve biologists from tedious, repetitive bench work and leave only creative research in their hands.

Epoch Life Science Inc. has no internal discovery agenda which may be in conflict with our client's interests. We adopt a strict fee-for-service model. Our services have reached over 30 regions and countries. We have successfully won contract bids from hundreds of government agencies, institutes, research laboratories, biotechnology as well as pharmaceutical companies.

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Plasmid DNA Preparation

Price on request
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Gene Synthesis

Price on request

Since our first gene was synthesized back in 2004, Epoch Life Science (originally Epoch Biolabs) has evolved to become one of the most dedicated gene synthesis companies. A plethora of references from peer-reviewed journals as well as patents, see below, certainly tells you more about our capability. Every project is taken seriously at Epoch with a focus on accuracy, speed and minimum cost. Our PhD experts go extra miles to help you design your projects with their extensive expertise in protein biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology and molecular biology. Minimizing your risk of wasting money, more importantly, saving your time and efforts in reaching your final goals. Our dedication can not always be matched elsewhere. Epoch Life Science can accommodate hundreds of projects simultaneously with hundreds of well trained associates. High GC, hairpin, tandem repeats will not deter us. Your gene smith can make any gene you can dream of. We are here to accelerate your research.


Molecular Cloning

Price on request

We provide high quality cloning service at very competitive price. All clones are sequenced verified and guaranteed error-free. Standard cloning service starts at $250.

  • Genomic DNA clone: We have experience in cloning genomic DNA from many species with a variety of difficulties such as high GC content, hairpin structure, repetitive sequences. We can clone genomic DNA into a variety of vectors for sequencing, expression and other manipulations. Guaranteed low price, email or call for quote
  • shRNA and RNAi Construct: You design your construct at your finger tip, we deliver the clone into your lab.
  • cDNA clone: We can clone your cDNA into a variety of vectors at affordable price and in very short time period. We can provide assistance in expression construct design at request.
  • Knockout and Knock in constructs: We have experience in making knockout and knock in constructs for many species. We can mimic the host gene codon to optimize the expression of your gene in different host
  • Genetic Engineering: Our expertise in gene synthesis and molecular cloning can make your digital engineering project into a reality. We have experience in synthesizing and cloning multiple genes into one construct and assemble functional mini chromosomes
  • Zinger Finger Nuclease: You design your own Zinger Finger Nuclease; we will synthesize the gene and clone it into your expression vectors at very low cost. Our streamlined process can make large number of novel gene at very affordable price


Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Price on request

Site directed mutagenesis is widely used in to study protein structure and function, to improve enzyme and protein property such as catalytic efficiency and stability. It is also used in antibody engineering to generate high potency and humanized antibodies. We have streamlined the process to make single or multiple mutations simultaneously and be able to generate hundreds to thousands constructs in very short period of time at very low cost.

  • Single mutation and multiple mutations in a single constructs: Price started at $250 per construct for single mutation. Additional mutations will be at will be charged at $50 per additional mutation. We can directly work on your expression vector in most cases. Guaranteed low price, email or call for quote
  • Collection of mutations in a single gene. If you are searching the optimal enzyme, protein, or antibody. Computer based rational design could generate hundreds candidates to test. To find out the best molecule, we can help you to make all desirable constructs in a short period of time. We are also providing service to express the protein and screening the activities to assist our customer to find the dream molecule.
  • Library of mutants: Library of random mutants at certain domains of protein are used to screen the desirable properties. We can generate libraries with guaranteed diversity


DNA Sequencing

Price on request

Sanger sequencing using ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer. Houston Free pick up!


  • ABI Bigdye3.1 chemistry, reading length reach upto 900bp.
  • Fast turnaround time <24 Hours.
  • GC rich template or sequence with 2nd structures are doable if notice in advance.
  • Highly experienced tech support help you to solve difficult templates.


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Price on request

Epoch Life Science provides a next generation sequencing service using Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM). The PGM™ sequencer is a bench top system utilizing semiconductor technology that enables rapid and scalable sequencing experiments.

Ion Torrent technology uses a massively parallel array of proprietary semiconductor sensors to perform direct real time measurement of the hydrogen ions produced during DNA replication. A high-density array of wells on the Ion semiconductor chips provide millions of individual reactors while integrated fluidics allow reagents to flow over the sensor array. This unique combination of fluidics, micromachining, and semiconductor technology enable the direct translation of genetic information (DNA) to digital information (DNA sequence) rapidly and generating >20Mb (314 chip) and >100Mb (316 chip) data output respectively. A typical sequencing run takes only 2-3 hours.


Peptide Synthesis

Price on request
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Protein Expression Screening and Optimization

Price on request

E coli is widely used for protein expression and it is the most mature and cost-effective cell based protein expression system. Finding the best condition to express protein in E. coli is a time consuming process. Our highly experienced protein team will use a matrix based approach to find the best expression in E coli. Coupled with our free codon optimization service, we have helped a lot of customers to use the E coli expression system to its highest potential.

Conditions tested:

Host cells.

Growth temperature

Growth medium

Induction conditions

Additives based on gene properties

At Epoch Life Science, we are committed to providing excellent service. We will help you increase your productivity and conserve precious internal resources. Whether you need milligram or gram quantities, think of Epoch Life Science as your first choice for recombinant proteins.


Protein Production

Price on request

Epoch Life Science Protein Expression Service specializes in the expression and purification of recombinant proteins. We produce proteins under contract for pharmaceutical, genomics, and biotechnology companies for use in high throughput screening, crystallography, in vivo studies, and diagnostics. We offer a comprehensive set of services to assist you -- cloning through the delivery of purified protein. We perform all work in a confidential, collaborative, and timely manner. Epoch Life Science provides:

Rapid Turnaround: Weeks instead of months.

Experience: Hundreds of proteins produced from diverse classes

Multiple Expression Systems: Mammalian cells, Insect cells and E. coli

Capacity: Milligram to gram quantities of purified protein

Quality: Batch records and certificates of analysis with every lot

Clear Communication: Detailed proposals with milestones

Customization: Proteins formatted for specific applications

Confidentiality: Work performed under strict confidentiality

At Epoch Life Science, we are committed to providing excellent service. We will help you increase your productivity and conserve precious internal resources. Whether you need milligram or gram quantities, think of Epoch Life Science as your first choice for recombinant proteins.

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