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Cornell University Veterinary Endocrinology Lab

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Ithaca, New York, US

About Cornell University Veterinary Endocrinology Lab

The Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC) at Cornell University offers a wide array of testing capabilities to detect markers of health and disease in animals. It is one of the most comprehensive veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the country, whose faculty provide subject matter expertise and oversight of more than 900 individual assays, performed by 200 highly trained technical staff. The AHDC services include large and small-scale testing for academic and industry research and development. Our sophisticated and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities include anatomic pathology (necropsy and histopathology services), clinical pathology (hematology, hemostasis, cytology, endocrinology), nutritional and toxicology testing. Infectious disease sections span all relevant disciplines including bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, and virology with a wide range of culture capabilities and available cell lines. The molecular diagnostics laboratory has high-throughput capacity for identifying defined and novel pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms, mutation detection for genetic disease, and whole genome sequencing of bacterial isolates. The AHDC excels in assay customization and integrated diagnostic support, with flexibility to meet the needs of clients engaged in basic and applied research and development.

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Comparative Endocrinology Laboratory

Our laboratory offers research testing and immunoassay services, which include assay set up, development, and validation for a variety of hormones. The laboratory has an extensive array of hormones that have been assayed over the years, using immunoassay technologies (i.e. RIA, CIA and ELISA) on samples from many species. Our immunoassay service and expertise supports research at universities, non-profit foundations and institutes, and pharmaceutical and life science industries.

The Quality Assurance system, initially established within the Endocrinology Lab, used Good Laboratory Practices (CFR 21 Part 58) as guidelines to maintain quality and ensure data integrity. The laboratory currently has adapted their system to follow the QA program established within the AHDC, necessary for accreditation with AAVLD. The laboratory voluntarily participates in the Society for Comparative Endocrinology and Veterinary Laboratory Association proficiency testing programs.

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