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Eagle Nebula Inc

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Princeton, New Jersey, US

About Eagle Nebula Inc

Eagle Nebula company looked beyond today’s genomics landscape and pioneered in the development of a sharing economy to support future genomic research. The platform enables users to explore genomic data and tools and connect with people who contribute quality applications and great insight to the field.

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Genomics Data Analysis

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Our platform has two parts: Workspace and Sharespace. In a quick description, the users can search data in the Sharespace (public and controlled) and run selected pipelines to process the data in Workspace. The administrators can preload the allowed data and pipelines for the users. The Workspace on our platform is regarded as the most user-friendly, and the end users can click buttons to select data and pipelines and submit jobs. Best of all, the Eagle Nebula Platform is also available to selected customers for deployment at the customer end under the customers' total control to support their business growth.


NGS Data Analysis

Next generation sequencing data analysis
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The Eagle Nebula Platform has deployed some of the latest genomics data analysis tools using machine learning algorithms, such as deepvariant. If you are interested in trying out these tools, please contact us for trial use.


Genomics Consulting

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If you need help with RNAseq, WES, WGS and deepvariant, etc, our bioinformatics team at Eagle Nebula will be here to provide professional consulting and deployment services.

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