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About Drososhare

With Drososhare, you can order fly stocks to fellow labs and provide your own stocks to the community. For more than 100 years, the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center has helped you obtain the tools you needed. However, their collection is not exhaustive, getting flies takes time, it is not particularly cheap, and there is a relatively high chance that flies die during transport or are stopped at customs.

Drososhare has been implementing tools to gather stock lists from labs, and to search in these lists to find the matching fly lines. The system aims at preventing the majority of errors and reducing difficulties in information sharing. It greatly reduces the amount of work needed to share flies. The fly community becomes one distributed stock center, which is not subjected to natural disaster (hurricane or funding cuts).

On science exchange, we propose one to one, non-automated services. For our launch, we propose very attractive pricing.

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Drosophila Stocks

Price on request

Drosophila stocks cleansing
Drosophila melanogaster: clean stock list

I will expand your stock list, creating ART entries for each stock.

stocks with FlyBase stock numbers: 0.5€ per stock
otherwise 4€ per stock.
Discount for Drososhare user possible

Drosophila melanogaster: sourcing

Difficulties in sourcing a Drosophila fly stock?
I, Dr. Julien Colomb, will track it down for you.
(2 to 40 € per line, according to availability.)

You tell me what you need, I propose flies to order and you decide which one you want: I will make sure you get the flies and a good description.

Give it a try. We are launching this personalized service, get your special science_exchange discount.

Pricing depends on stock availability (present in stock center?) and size of inquiry.

For example, to the query “get me all RNAi lines against apterous”, I would propose:
2€ y[1] v[1]; P{y[+t7.7] v[+t1.8]=TRiP.JF02311}attP2
2€ y[1] sc[*] v[1]; P{y[+t7.7] v[+t1.8]=TRiP.HMS02207}attP2
4€ ap.RNAi_NIG/TRip_8376R-1
4€ ap.RNAi_NIG/TRip_8376R-2
2€ P{KK108926}
50€ P{GD4675} (not in VDRC anymore)

Drosophila stock transactions
Drosophila melanogaster: fly request system

I will create an drososhare account for your lab (including uploading your stock list), then you can forward any fly request to me and I will take care of the adminstrative part of the job and send a list of flies to send where to your lab manager.
Price: 50€

Drosophila (Fruit Fly)


Invertebrate Models

Price on request
Request a quote for more information about this service.


Animal Models and Studies

Price on request
Request a quote for more information about this service.


Model Organisms

Price on request
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Julien Colomb

CEO & Fly Hunter

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