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Discovery DNA Inc.

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Calgary, Alberta, CA

About Discovery DNA Inc.

Size: 1-10 employees

Discovery DNA is a genetics company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our mission is to provide custom DNA solutions that deliver unparalleled value and precision to research, environmental, agricultural and healthcare clients. Providing high quality DNA sequencing analytics will inform and improve decision making processes for research, industrial and healthcare clients. We use industry standard equipment and industry leading software to achieve and deliver outcomes. 

Our Services (4)


Genetic Variant Analysis

Starting at CAD$75.00 per hour

Rate: $75 per hour of analysis, or $199 per 3 hours of analysis---

We understand that at this time your focus may be on COVID-19 related projects, and as a result some of your other projects may be less of a priority. We are currently offering a reduced variant analysis service, which may be useful in keeping other projects moving along.


We require a vcf (from any platform), from which we will prioritize variants and using our well developed workflow within an industry leading analysis software, we will deliver the findings in a report. Our turn-around time is 1-3 weeks. 


The report contains variant information (see below) and details around that (not shown), with bioinformatic evidence and an ACMG classification recommendation. We thoroughly investigate any variants of interest before they are presented (e.g. OMIM, GeneCards, PubMed). For best outcomes, please provide relevant phenotypic and/or family history information. 

Gene&transcriptChr:Pos:ExonVariant(HGVS)Allele state/InheritanceAllele Read Depth (ref,alt)ClassificationEffect      

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NGS Data Analysis

Next generation sequencing data analysis
Starting at $125.00 per hour

---Rate: $125 per hour of analysis, or $299 per 3 hours of analysis---

This service takes a vcf generated by any platform and any secondary pipeline you may be working with and utilizing our tertiary pipeline we can filter your data based on our custom pipelines or based on your specific requests.

Your objectives will determine the time taken with the analysts and compute time, which will ulitmately determine the cost. The deliverables may range from an excel file containing a list of filtered annotated variants,  to a detailed, deep-dive into the filtered annotated variants which have been processed through our most comprehensive pipeline resulting in a report of suggested, classified variants.

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Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

Starting at $499.00 per sample

Our WES is undertaken on the NextSeq 550 system. We utilize Illumina standard practice sample QC and starting DNA inputs for the Nextera Flex for Enrichment protocol. The deliverables will determine the cost as well as the turnaround times. Prices shown below assume minimum sample requirements are met. 


---Tier 1 Package: Starting from $499/sample---

Our base package includes the following deliverables:

  • Applicable QC on your DNA sample. 
    • In the case that QC fails (e.g. insufficient DNA), we will notify you and will not charge you.
  • 30X Average Coverage
  • .vcf file

---Tier 2 Package: Starting from $599/sample---

Our second tier package includes:

  • All deliverables available in Tier 1
  • Annotated .vcf using our software

---Tier 3 Package: Starting from $799/sample---

Our third (and best value) tier package includes:

  • All deliverables available in Tier 2
  • 3 hours of expert in-house analysis on the annotated .vcf file using provided phenotype data


Prices may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the number of samples to be sequenced and if higher coverage is required. Please contact us to customize a quote suited to your specific needs. 



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Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing

Price on request

Sequencing can be performed on cell-free Mitochondrial DNA from a blood sample, using our patented method.

Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your needs.

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