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DIgital Conversions LLC

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Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, US

About DIgital Conversions LLC

Our mission is to provide you with the lowest cost, best quality scanning service available on the Internet. We offer scanning services for slides, photographs and negatives, as well as photo restoration and retouching. We'll even scan a couple of your slides, photos or negatives for free, just to introduce ourselves.

What we offer: We will scan yourSlides, Negatives (including Disc Film) and Photographs, all formats. For slides (2" x 2" standard mounts: 35mm, and other film sizes) we scan 35mm slides at a resolution of 16MP. For other formats (for example 110, 120, 126 and 127 Super Slides) there may be slight variations in the total MP size of the image. High resolution scanning means that you will get all of the available detail in each slide converted into your digital image. Each scan will be processed to remove dust and scratches, properly oriented, color balanced and presented as a jpeg image file (RAW files are available as an option, at a small additional cost) stored on the medium of your choice.

Our policy and practice is to receive materials from our Customers and have them completely processed and ready to ship back to them within two weeks or less of their arrival at our location - with an emphasis on the "or less" part! If you want to get your scanning work done quickly, then you will want to send it to us.

We are a small Company, not a big Corporation. Our emphasis is on providing personalized service to our Customers, taking great care to see that your Digital Conversion needs are taken care of in a prompt and professional manner.

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Whole Slide Imaging/Digital Slide Scanning

Starting at $0.30 per unit

We will digitize your slides, in 2" x 2" mounts (cardboard or plastic, metal, glass, or other), whether 35mm, or other film sizes. We can also scan "oddball" slide formats as well. Our custom scanning technology will allow us to convert a 35mm slide to a JPEG image with a resolution of 16MP (equivalent to over 3400 DPI). That means that you could enlarge your 35mm image into a print size of 11" x 16" while retaining superb sharpness. Beyond that, you could actually enlarge it up to 33" x 48" (Poster Size!) without going below 100 DPI in the finished print. That kind of image resolution also means that you can crop the image heavily (to enlarge a small portion of it) without losing the sharpness of the original image.

All images will be corrected for dust and scratches, color corrected, and put in the proper orientation in the jpeg image file. If there are any slides in your order that are damaged, we will scan them and give you the option of keeping them, deleting those scans from your order (at no charge), or having additional work done to fix the images (at an additional photo restoration charge).

Your processed files will be stored on the storage medium of your choice: CD-ROM, DVD, Bluray, Thumb Drive (Flash Drive), M-Disc, or, for large orders, an external hard drive. You may indicate your choice of media when you fill out the Order Form/Packing List that you will receive from us when we are ready to receive your order. You can also receive multiple copies of your files, if you wish.

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