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Darmiyan, Inc.

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About Darmiyan, Inc.

Darmiyan's fully automated proprietary software is the first and only non-invasive, quantitative virtual microscopy tool for the brain. It inputs human or animal brain MRI and produces maps that illustrate and quantify structural tissue abnormality at the microscopic scale.

Our maps and quantitative scores can, for example, be used to detect neurodegenerative diseases many years before symptoms. It is impossible to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease without early detection, and that's a reason why drug candidates fail one after another.

Our mission is to create a fast, non-invasive, inexpensive, precise and globally accessible tool for brain health screening and monitoring. Darmiyan's revolutionary technology provides precise quantification and localization of microscopic abnormality in the brain. Our platform also generates accurate dynamic maps of distribution kinetics in the brain for novel drugs and biomolecules.

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MRI Data Analysis

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Darmiyan's software is the only proprietary image analysis tool that provides quantitative microstructural information at the voxel level of standard brain MRI images. We are able to analyze de-identified standard human or animal brain MRI data and generate cell distortion maps that highlight and quantify brain tissue microstructural abnormality at every voxel and all regions of the brain. Darmiyan maps can, for example, detect neurodegeneration (e.g. in Alzheimer's disease) many years before symptoms. They can also be used by pharmaceutical companies for patient recruitment and monitoring the performance of drug candidates in the brain. Darmiyan's services are meant for research use only and should not be used for medical purposes or for clinical diagnostic purposes.

Three acquisition sequences are required: T1-weighted, T2-weighted and diffusion-weighted (DWI, ADC, or MD from DTI). DICOM and NIfTI formats are acceptable. No additional hardware or contrast agent is needed. Old MRI data can also be analyzed, as long as all the 3 required sequences are included. Batches of up to 1000 MRI scan sessions can be processed.

Results are generated and provided in the form of brain maps (PNG or TIFF image formats) and Excel sheets including all quantification analysis scores.

Alzheimers Disease


Medical Imaging Services

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Clinical Research

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Padideh Kamali-Zare

CEO, President and Co-Founder

Pavan Krishnamurthy

Head of Operations

Thomas Liebmann

Chief Scientific Officer

Kaveh Vejdani

Chief Medical and Technology Officer

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