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Cytapex Bioinformatics Inc.

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Burnaby, British Columbia, CA

About Cytapex Bioinformatics Inc.

Cytapex Bioinformatics Inc. removes the barriers to high throughput / high dimensional cytometry data by providing expert services in data management, quality checking and data analysis including customized gating and biomarker discovery pipelines. Our speciality is customized automated gating based on client's manual gating hierarchy delivered as a FlowJo plugin to match the results you wold have obtained by hand.

Recent Publications

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Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

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No one knows your data like you do. That's why we use the knowledge you've built into your gating hierarchies to customize bioinformatics pipelines that can analyze your flow cytometry data better and faster (a couple of seconds per file) than you would have by manual analysis. Our workflows leverage algorithms we developed in-house, and that have consistently been peer-reviewed to be the best performing and state-of-the art (PMC3906045, PMC4874734, PMC4748244). We also have experience with all the commonly used automated tools for the automated analysis of flow cytometry and mass cytometry (CyTOF) datasets (PMC4824634).


Data Management

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Computational Modeling

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Data Services

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