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CSR Imaging and Biomechanical Testing Core

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About CSR Imaging and Biomechanical Testing Core

Our facility offers high-resolution micro-computed tomography (µCT) to researchers for the purposes of skeletal phenotyping.  µCT provides non-destructive, quantitative and qualitative assessment of trabecular and cortical bone microarchitecture. µCT is particularly useful for studies that utilize animal models to examine the effects of genetic manipulations, mechanical stimuli and/or pharmacological agents on skeletal characteristics. We are able to scan ex vivo samples that are up to 36 mm in diameter and 80 mm in length at resolutions down to 6 µm (µCT40, Scanco Medical AG). The core is directed by Dr. Mary Bouxsein who is a leading expert in µCT analysis of bone. Guidelines for the use of µCT analysis of rodent bones were published by Dr. Bouxsein and colleagues. While we mainly µCT perform analysis of rodent specimens, we are able to work with clients to analyze the microstructure of many other types of specimens.

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Human Biomechanical Analysis

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Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing of bones. We have the capability to test animal and human bones in compression or bending (3 or 4 point) to measure parameters such as stiffness, strength, apparent modulus, and toughness. 



X-ray microtomography
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µCT scanning and analysis of bones. We specialize in rodent bones, but we also offer analysis of other types of bones as well. Our typical mouse femur analysis involves a scan of the distal metaphysis to analyze trabecular architecture and a scan at the mid-diaphysis to measure cortical bone architecture and mineral density. Other bones that we regularly analyze are the tibia and the lumbar vertebral body. Both trabecular and cortical bone can be performed in the tibia, but typically only trabecular bone is analyzed in the vertebral body. In addition to mouse bones, we are also able to analyze specimens from other species as long as they fit in a cylindrical specimen holder that is 36 mm in diameter and 80mm tall.

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