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Tübingen, DE

Sebastian Schultheiss

Managing Director
  • Negative review for Metagenomics Data Analysis:

    March 2020

    "In short they lack a communication process that allows you to make informed decisions based on their QC process. They had determined that the data were not from a source that would provide the output we had discussed. Rather than informing me of this so that I could decide whether or not to move forward, they proceeded with the full process. The process failed to provide useful output. As they knew would happen. I was charged full price anyway. I paid the bill without contest but I would have REALLY appreciated having the chance to pay them for their time up through QC and opting out once they knew that the data were unsuitable for our discussed downstream analyses. This cost me out of pocket which made it doubly difficult."

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    Karsten BorgwardtMay 2014

    From my experience, Computomics is a world-class provider of customer-specific solutions to problems of molecular data analysis, in particular Next Generation Sequencing. I highly recommend their services!

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