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About CN Bio Innovations

CN Bio develops human organ-on-chip technologies: devices that enable the formation of miniature models of human organs in the lab. We provide products and services to the pharmaceutical industry and in the past 3 years have used our proprietary organ-on-chip models in drug discovery and drug safety programs with more than 25 pharmaceutical companies. CN Bio has also pursued research to develop disease organ-on-chip models with successful programs resulting in novel models of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and Hepatitis B virus infection. Working closely with academic pioneers in the bio-engineering field, and pharmaceutical and industrial partners, CN Bio continues to advance next-generation human Organs-on-Chips. This technology allows researchers to accurately replicate human organ interactions for weeks at a time and to measure the systemic effects of drugs on the body. 

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NAFLD/NASH Human Model

CN Bio Innovations have developed an innovative NAFLD/NASH assay using our 3D perfused Organ-On-Chip (OOC) PhysioMimix™ platform. PhysioMimix™ OOC enables advanced long-term in vitro liver cultures and modeling of different stages of NAFLD/ NASH disease in a range of culture conditions. This physiologically relevant assay is designed to produce human-relevant results and help fast-track the investigation of new therapies.

Our NASH model is a dietary derived microphysiological system, associated with steatosis, inflammation, and fibrosis. Our service will allow you to test single or multiple compounds in our physiologically and translationally relevant human in vitro NASH model. We will work with you to design the platform and the study as required. Some of the endpoint analysis that could be included in your report includes:


• Quantification of secreted inflammatory and fibrosis markers in cell culture medium – e.g. Pro-collagen 1, TIMP1, IL-6, TNFa, IL-1b (up to six markers)

• Assessment of fat content of scaffolds – determined by Oil Red O staining

• Confocal microscopy imaging of ECM proteins.

• Cell health: Albumin, LDH release microtissue size

Additional time point analysis may be requested. Please provide details in your request.

NAFLD/NASH Human PhysioMimix™

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