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About CF Plus Chemicals s.r.o.

CF Plus Chemicals is a Czech, Brno-based chemical and biochemical ETH Zurich spin-off which provides innovative tools for fluoroalkylation in medicinal chemistry. The mission of the company is to make late-stage fluoroalkylation a powerful strategy how to diversify the lead drug candidates. The proprietary fluoroalkylation technology based on patented second generation of Togni reagents opens new possibilities in formation of protein conjugates which can be used to developed new generations of highly selective functionalisated protein therapeutics.

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Chemical Synthesis

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Introduction of fluorinated groups into drug and pesticides candidates is known to be a powerful strategy how to optimize their properties and to boost their efficacy. A judicious choice of a suitable fluorinated moiety incorporated in the molecule can turn into an efficient tool to fine tune the acidobasic behaviour, lipophilicity, impart a dipole moment, impose conformational locks, block an undesirable metabolism or (photo)oxidative degradation and create the sought-after weak interactions of C-F bond with proteins.

It is therefore no surprise that over the last 25 years, the medicinal chemistry and agrochemistry fields witnessed a massive growth of using the fluorinated molecules.

We offer a palette of fluoroalkylation tools that can be used to generate a plethora of fluorinated motifs in chemical structures of interest.

Although the prevalent majority of fluorinated groups encountered in modern drugs and pesticides are single fluorine, trifluoromethyl and difluoromethyl groups, we provide also reagents and building blocks that enable to install less common, but potentially very attractive functionalities, for instance a substituted tetrafluoroethylene moiety or fluoroalkylated triazoles.

Our key expertise is the chemistry of hypervalent iodine-fluoroalkyl reagents, especially the so called Togni reagents.

We leveraged the extremely rich trifluoromethylation chemistry developed with the first generation of trifluoromethyl Togni reagents and took them to a new level using our patented second generation of Togni reagents transferring a broad variety of substituted RCF2CF2- units.

With the armamentarium of these second generation Togni reagents in hand, chemists can now easily perform late stage diversification of their lead small molecule candidates with a number of previously inaccessible fluoroalkylated motifs, thus opening new possibilities for innovation in chemical space.


Bioconjugation/Chemical Crosslinking

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Large molecules, such as antibodies, peptides and related structures, represent a promising class of biomolecules, which are being used as efficient biomolecular tools, forming the basis of highly effective therapeutics.

In 2017,  one fourth of all drugs on the market were protein-based therapeutics treating chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, rare genetic diseases, and others.

CF Plus Chemicals offers first-in-class, complementary hypervalent-iodine based bioconjugation technologies which allow for a straightforward modification of antibodies, peptides and other protein structures to uncover their full potential, improve their biological activity and increase their therapeutic index.

We have been in particular devoted to apply our unique technologies to advance the development of Antibody Drug Conjugates, antibodies conjugated to toxic substances, which is a rapidly growing class of targeted biotherapeutics.

The novel technology has been demonstrated to conjugate small functional groups (up to 1000 Da) specifically to selected amino acids depending on the choice of protocol. In contrast to the conventional maleimide-based technology, our technology offers a highly stable peptide/antibody conjugation strategy which enables to control the overall amount of payload and lead to design of  a safer next generation ADCs for immunooncology.

Furthermore, our technology allows not only to conjugate various  biorthogonal functional groups to large proteins in a site selective manner  but it can be equally used to selectively install biorthogonal handles to existing natural product-based toxins.

Our technology therefore constitutes a one-stop-shop technology which allows both bioconjugation of proteins as well as ample possibilities for optimization of warhead attachment strategy,  thus streamlining the ADC discovery process on both key sides.


Protein Characterization

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