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Center for Functional Genomics

About Center for Functional Genomics

The CFG provides basic laboratory services to hundreds of bioscience researchers at companies, universities, and government agencies around the world, helping them create robust, reliable results quickly and affordably.

We handle projects of any size, from single sample analyses to long-term work as collaborators or subcontractors on NIH grants. Each client is assigned a Ph.D.-level scientist to coordinate their project, meeting budget and deadline needs. CFG also has a strategic alliance with Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. for projects that need to meet FDA requirements for submission of data in support of new drug applications. We are happy to participate on conference calls with prospective clients to determine how the CFG can best meet your needs.

As part of its mission, the CFG maintains core competencies in genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, transgenesis and cell and tissue culture.

The services available at CFG are offered on a fee-for-service basis to commercial and educational organizations.

The CFG also supports emerging biotechnology and biomedical companies with a business incubator that includes lab space, technological infrastructure, and a staff of highly experienced research scientists.

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